What is AdWords Express?

What is AdWords Express?
Learn how to use AdWords Express to Grow Sales, ROI

You may have heard of AdWords, maybe Adwords Express. And even if you know what AdWords is, you may find yourself asking, What is AdWords Express?

What is AdWords Express? Learn how to use AdWords Express to Grow Sales, ROI
Learn how to use AdWords Express to Grow Sales, ROI

Getting started in online advertising can seem like quite the challenge. If you’re starting your first web-based campaigns, it can be overwhelming to understand, create and monitor meaningful and valuable marketing content.

Thankfully, Google has introduced a new system for making online advertising easier than ever before. Enter AdWords Express.

Google AdWords Express Overview - What is AdWords Express?
Google AdWords Express Overview – What is AdWords Express?

AdWords Express is a simple, user-friendly online advertising service that combines your own original ad content with the best of Google’s data collecting and analytical abilities. AdWords Express keeps internet advertising to its basics by helping your business get discovered at relevant moments on Google while delivering the results you care about most, whether they’re calls, visits to your website and/or visits to your store.

What are the Benefits of AdWords Express?

Google AdWords Express Overview
AdWords Express Overview – What are the Benefits of AdWords Express?

There are several reasons to consider AdWords Express when first embarking into internet marketing:

  • Setup in just 15 minutes – A streamlined interface makes it quick and easy to get started.
  • Minimal ongoing management – AdWords Express takes a lot of the work managing your ads off of your plate and lets Google do it for you.
  • Works to constantly improve your ads – Measures your performance and shows you clear results so you can adjust your campaigns as needed.
  • Access to a gargantuan audience – By showing your ads on Google, Google maps, mobile apps and other partner sites, you’ll be getting the word out to a wide variety and large amount of potential customers. Why not take advantage of all that web traffic?

How Does AdWords Express Work?

When setting up your account with AdWords Express, you’ll write an ad for use across Google and beyond. If this is your first time writing ad text and you’re not sure what would work best, your might want to review how to write effective text ads that convert.

After completing this, you’ll tell Google a little more about your product or service. When someone searches for something related to what you told Google, your ad may show. It can also be shown on relevant partner sites and mobile apps.

Getting Started with AdWords Express Demo

The best part of AdWords Express is that your ads are shown for free until someone clicks on them. You save money by only paying for relevant views of your product or service. Neat, huh?

Ads for use with AdWords express are relatively simple. Two headlines and a somewhat more detailed description are all you’ll need to create. Google then asks for the goal of your ad campaign. Do you want to increase calls to your business? Drive visitors to your brick and mortar store? Whatever the case, Google automatically optimizes your ads to help you best complete your goals. In general, it’s best to stick to one goal per campaign.

You’ll also tell Google which geographical areas and locations you’d like your ad to show in. This grants you greater control over who sees it, and whether the traffic it receives is relevant to your business.

FAQs on What is AdWords Express

There may be some things you’re still wondering about AdWords Express. Hopefully in this last section, we’ll get some answers for you.

What’s the difference between AdWords and AdWords Express?

If you are just getting your start in online advertising, you may have heard of both and are wondering which is the best to start with, or the best for your business.

AdWords Express is a simpler, more straightforward version of the concept of AdWords’ Cost-per-click advertising structure. Because AdWords Express is almost entirely automated and requires little management effort on the part of the advertiser, it also offers less direct control of the campaign on their part. Several features have been removed for the sake of streamlining the process and making the system more friendly to small businesses with few employees who just want to get their name out there on the internet.

Is one better than the other?

It all depends on your business. If you are a small business, with little time or interest in complicated campaign management for your ads, then AdWords Express is perfect for you. If you are more interested in the control and tools such as keyword manipulation, you’ll want to go all in and become a regular user of AdWords.

It basically hinges on how much time you want to dedicate to your marketing campaigns.  If still unsure which is right for your business, check out our post What is AdWords?

Will my ad only appear in Google Search Results?

No. With AdWords express, your ads can also appear on Google partner sites and on mobile apps.

AdWords Express Success Stories

Learn how small businesses use AdWords Express to reach new customers to grow their businesses.

NYC Bookbinding, Simply Chic, and Point Loma Outfitting

How do you advertise for a sale or promote your specialized service? See how small businesses use AdWords Express to reach new customers.

Tommy Gun’s Garage, Beauty Company, and Sabella-Mills Voice Studio

A dinner theater in Chicago, a beauty salon in San Francisco, and a voice studio in New York share their experiences with AdWords Express.

Chicago Sailboats Charter

Enjoying Chicago’s skyline by sailboat is contingent on the weather. Discover how this seasonal business uses AdWords Express to beef up ad spending at just the right time.

Parting Thoughts on AdWords Express

AdWords Express is a simple, fascinating way for small businesses to get noticed online. It doesn’t offer as many options as AdWords proper. It does however, make it possible for an internet marketing campaign with less managerial effort required. All in all, a great step forward for small businesses.

Happy Marketing!

Want Help Getting Started with AdWords Express?

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