Vint Cerf The Father of the Internet

Vint Cerf The Father of the Internet
Ripples from the post announcing the Hangout with Vint Cerf, The Father of the Internet
Al Gore Did Not Invent- the Internet
Contrary to popular belief, Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet šŸ™‚

You have to check out this insightful video from a Google+ Hangout withĀ Vint Cerf, widely viewed asĀ The Father of the Internet and currently one of its biggest advocates.

The Google+ Hangout originally aired 2 pm EDT onĀ April 2nd, 2014 and covers the past, present and future of the Internet.

Regardless of what you already know, if you watch all 46 minutes of this video, you will learn something.

Vint Cerf is now theĀ Chief Internet Evangelist for, you guessed it, Google. With Google focused on projects to provide Internet access to 100% of the World’s population through networks powered by balloons, it’s seems like a perfect fit.

Vint answered participants questions from all over the world, told stories from the early days of the Internet, and, most importantly, talked about the biggest issues facing Internet freedom today.

The Hangout was hosted by Leo Laporte, a longtime Digital Media Innovator and Operator of the Netcast Network. Hangout with Vint Cerf Father of the Internet: (checkout Hangout to see questions asked by the Hangout participants).

Leo addresses the following topics the following topics with Vint:

  • Proposed changes to iCANN and the administration of the domain name system,
  • Is the Internet a human right?
  • Net neutrality,
  • Network security,
  • National security,
  • Edward Snowden,
  • Universal access,
  • Wide Internet adoption, even as a test platform,
  • IPv6,
  • The origins of the Internet,
  • Internet origins and what would you different if starting over with a new design,
  • The ultimate demo,
  • Emergence of gopher, archie, electronic email and discussions lists, the original social medium,
  • The geopolitical inter dependencies,
  • The Internet of things,
  • Who is the mother of the Internet,
  • Vint Cerf fashion origins of the 3 piece suite,
  • The Architect character in Matrix 2 movie modeled after Vint,
  • Philosophy and are we living in a Matrix – Do you think we are in a construct?
  • Advice on keeping an open and accessible Internet.

Here is a view of the Google+ Ripples of the Hangout Post (and what viral looks like):

Ripples from the post announcing the Hangout with Vint Cerf, The Father of the Internet
Ripples from the post announcing the Hangout with Vint Cerf, The Father of the Internet

To see a live version, check out the actual Google+ Ripples from post announcing the Hangout:

Vint Cerf on same plane as Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs?

When you think of the impact that the Internet has had on people, politics and the planet overall, its truly mind boggling and easy for us to take for granted.

One could seriously consider putting the invention Internet and it’s underlying technologies on the same plane as electricity in my humble view.

Whether or not it was Tesla or Edison who invented electricity, I put Vint Cerf on the same plane as them, as an innovator and as an inventor.

The Internet, had relied on the invention of electricity, just like the innovations that Steve Jobs are often credited with (iTunes, iPhone, iPad) rely on the Internet to be possible and transform those industries, and in the process, our lives.

It amazes me as a computer scientist and longtime Internet user who used archie, gopher and list-servs, that I had not heard of Vint prior to this Google+ Hangout, so thanks for bringing him to our attention Google. I can’t think of a more apropos Internet Evangelist.

It’s great to see a technology pioneer like Vint focused on keeping the Internet that he helped to create open and free so that we can continue to enjoy and benefit from it every day.

What was your first experience on the Internet?

Maybe you weren’t born when the Internet was invented or maybe you can remember when email emerged. Are you old enough to remember archie, gopher and list servs? Tell about your first experience on Internet? What did you find most interesting about what Vint covered?

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