Video HowTo – Setting up a Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook personal page/profile is a prerequisite for promoting a business or brand on Facebook. If no one in the organization has a personal Facebook profile/account, this video will walk the viewer through the steps to create a Facebook fan account, in 10 minutes.

Setting up a Facebook page as a Facebook user is a required pre-requisite for setting up a Facebook company page use to build a Facebook fan base that can be nurtured into brand loyalists and outspoken advocates of your company and brand. With over 1 billion Facebook users, businesses that ignore Facebook are at a disadvantage to their competition that likely is on Facebook.

Instead of creating a video from scratch, embed below for your knowledge enrichment, is a popular YouTube video from Keith Dougherty of

Now that you have created your Facebook Page and associated Facebook user account, you are now able to create your Free Facebook Company Page using the Facebook account just created.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post on how to build a Facebook Company page. If you would like assistance with setting up a company page for your business, contact eBiz ROI, Inc. today at + 1 (518) 557-3502 or email us at


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