Using AdWords Bid Adjustments

Using AdWords Bid Adjustments

How to use bid adjustments in AdWords to reach the right prospects, at the right time while on their favorite device!

Many advertisers understand that Google AdWords is a real time auction system.  What many don’t know is that there are levers in AdWords they can pull to win the top spot when it matters most.

AdWords Bid Adjustments

Google AdWords Bid Adjustment

AdWords Bid Adjustments are a way to get your search ads to the top of the results when they can have the highest impact. For instance, restaurants find that ads are most effective when shown to people nearby.

Those restaurants may also get a better return on investment when their ads are shown just before lunch or dinner time. Many potential patrons rely on smartphones for input when searching for a place to dine while on the go.

AdWords Bid Adjustments allow advertisers to exploit these factors. Bid adjustments can be used to increase bids based on user location, time of day/day of week and the type of the device.

How to Set Bid Adjustments in AdWords

How to set Google AdWords Bid Adjustments
How to set Google AdWords Bid Adjustments -> Campaign –> Settings – Locations/Ad schedule/Devices

To set Google AdWords Bid Adjustments, select the campaign in the Google AdWords interface. Make sure the campaign type is search with display select all features.  Go to the campaign Settings tab and click on it. Below the setting tab, the following three tabs will displayed just to the right of the All Settings button.

  • Locations
  • Ad schedule
  • Devices

Selecting one of these three sub tabs will allow the advertiser to place a bid adjustment on the particular delivery factors.

AdWords Locations Bid Adjustment Example

For example, increasing bids for hungry diners searching close to my restaurant makes business sense. The closer that a potential patron is to my restaurant, they are to patronize my business.

Google Adwords bid adjustment locations example
Google Adwords bid adjustment locations example – customers searching nearby are worth more!

When people are hungry and searching nearby, proximity can be a key decision factor. Note that to use location bid adjustments, it is necessary to have a Google My Business Location setup and linked to the advertisers AdWords account.

Location extensions, when used in conjunction with locations bid adjustments, can be a great way to highlight positive reviews, shown to be a key influencer in dining decisions.

AdWords Devices Bid Adjustment Example

In the example below, the advertiser can increase the bid for searches conducted on mobile devices with full browsers to help ensure that there ad shows first in relevant mobile search results.

Google AdWords bid adjustment by device type
Google AdWords bid adjustment – how to increase bids for mobile devices with full browsers

Want To Win More With AdWords Bid Adjustments?

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