Upgrade Your Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions

Upgrade Your Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions

Upgrade Your Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions

Though digital advertising is usually centered around driving traffic to your website, there are other ways of connecting with potential customers. When people want dedicated service or a specific question answered, they pick up their phone to talk to a real person. You can derive real value from these interactions. Calls are shown to generate three times the number of conversions as web clicks.

Call only campaigns are a great way to build your marketing strategy around this concept. But Call Only ads can appear a little sparse, compared to their standard text ad counterparts. Thankfully, Google AdWords is working to improve performance of call only campaigns. Now you can increase the value of call-only ads with ad extensions. Why is this good news?

Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Call Only Ads with Ad Extensions

We’ve written about ad extensions extensively here on the blog, but here are the basics. Ad extensions make your ads bigger, better, and full of more relevant information. They can provide background about your business. Or they can help convince a user that is on the fence as to why they should buy from you. According to Google, the addition of extensions to call-only ads results in a 10% increase in CTR. This may not seem like a lot, but when calls are 3x as effective as clicks, it can be.

Which Types of Extensions are Available?

The following extension types have been rolled out for call-only campaigns, as of the writing of this article:

  • Location Extensions – Highlight information about nearby business locations. Useful if your customers will want to visit your business in person.
  • Callout Extensions – Promote unique offers and benefits. Have 24/7 customer assistance? Let potential customers know!
  • Structured Snippets – Provide more detailed information about specific products and services your business offers.

Each of these extension types can have a profound impact on the success of your campaigns. If you can, try and find a way to incorporate all three! Extensions are available free of charge and only serve to strengthen your ads. For advertisers who are busy and worried about having to create new extensions, fear not. Google will allow you to import any pre existing extensions of these types that you are using in other AdWords campaigns into your new call-only campaign.

Why NOW is a GREAT Time Upgrade Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions

By adding location, callout, and structured snippet extensions to your call-only campaigns in AdWords, you can strengthen their performance tremendously. Extensions make call only ads perform better by providing more detailed, relevant information. They also allow customers to have multiple ways of interacting with your ad, which is always good as well. As with all other campaigns in AdWords, the bigger in terms of screen space and the more helpful your ad is, the better it will perform.

Happy Marketing!

Upgrade Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions?



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