Tracking Events as Goals in Google Analytics

Tracking events as goals in Google Analytics such as click to email and click to chat are key to inputs to tracking overall campaign performance. My current understanding is that Google Analytics does not currently support tracking events as goals. Looking for community comments and feedback.

I have a landing page for a $299 business website landing page that I would like to define three goals for. The first is a newletter sign up which is easy and can be triggered when user is redirect to sign up the thank your page once they submit their first name and email.

However, for my other two goals, when a user clicks link or when a user clicks to chat, I am limited to only being able to track the event.

From a business valuation perspective, it would be great to assign a goal value to both the email and the click to chat events which, to me, are very much a part of the sales funnel and should be trackable as goals. Does anyone have an idea on when Google will enhance Google Analytics so that users can track or link events as goals? This will be key in providing users an integrated view of campaign peformance while providing data to enable campaign managers to make decisions to increase marketing ROI.

More discussion on the topic can be found on the recent Google Analytics Help Forum โ€“ event tracking and goals thread.


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