Toastmasters Humorous Speech

Winning Toastmasters Humorous Speech, entitled “Why Not?” delivered by Rick Noel, of eBiz ROI, competing at the Clifton Park Speakers Club, a local Toastmasters Club. Rick’s speech was delivered during the Humorous Speech Contest. You can view the Toastmasters Humorous Speech on YouTube or in the video embedded below.


Toastmasters humorous speech
Toastmasters humorous speech

Sometimes its good to share quality content that you think others might find fun or amusing. The only way that I can related to the following video to Internet Marketing is to say that the video asset below is being promoted via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels as a way to leverage Internet marketing channels in efforts to promote our local Toastmasters club, including on our website.

For those that wish to watch this video on YouTube: Toastmasters Humorous Speech.


Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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