Tips for Improving Google Search Results Position

Improving one’s ranking in Google search results for searches relative to their business can have substantial impacts to the bottom line. Since Google updates to their search program, some tools and techniques have emerged and are becoming best practices for improving a websites position in the search rankings. Here are some tips for improving Google search results position for your webpages.

Improve Rankings and Traffic from Google

This video is produced by SEOmoz, a leader in the Search Engine Optimization field. This episode of Whiteboard Friday, released on July 29, 2011, provides some creative mechanisms to help avoid the next Google Panda Update or other Google improvements to their program which ranks websites in search results based on a number of Factors.

Will Critchlow from Distilled joins Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder and CEO of SEOMoz, to discuss an amazing and creative idea of Will’s to help publishers, advertisers and business owners who have suffered negative impacts of the Google Panda search program update. Will’s insightful tools and technique will provide viewers valuable insights in how to design your business website to be best position it in the Google Search results, today and into the future.

Web page Questions to ask to Improve Rankings and Traffic from Google

Below are some specific questions used to evaluate a web page and its likelihood to be ranked highly in the Google search results:

  1. Would you trust the information presented here?
  2. Is this web page appear to be written by an expert?
  3. Does this web page have obvious errors?
  4. Does the web page provide original content or information?
  5. Does this web page contain insightful analysis?
  6. Would you consider bookmarking this we page?
  7. Are there excessive advertisements on this web page?
  8. Would you be surprised to see this content in print?

This video from SEOMmz provides some background into the Google Panda update, a program update by Google released in late spring of 2011, with the intent to improve the Google search results relevancy and quality as measured by a quality control group within Google.

The specific technique discussed in the video involves creating a questionnaire similar to what experts infer the questionnaire that Google used to improve its search algorithm. Since this is highly proprietary to Google, no one knows for certain, but Will is well-versed in this topic and is in a good position to make educated guesses.

This questionnaire would be then distributed to website visitors to gain insightful feedback to help align business websites with key usability factors believed to drive the Google search algorithm the corresponding Google search results.

The questionnaire, once developed. would be distributed to prospective website users to gain valuable insights on how to improve the usability of the website which is believed by many to be the major focus of the Panda Update by Google.

Though the primary objective of the questionnaire is to improve rankings and therefore traffic from Google, the other attractive benefit inherent and using this kind of technique is the expected improvements to website usability and users engagement as a result of acting on real life feedback.

As always, thanks for your attention and comments. Questions and insights are always welcome and appreciated.


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