Tell Your Story With AdWords

Tell Your Story With AdWords
Tell Your Story With Google AdWords
Tell Your Story With Google AdWords
Tell Your Story With Google AdWords

3 Ways to Connect with Customers on Google AdWords

All businesses have a story. You know it by heart because you’ve been there to help tell it every step of the way. But there’s someone even more interested in hearing that story: your customers!

Google AdWords helps you better connect with both current and potential customers in a variety of ways. Below are three things you can do with your campaigns in AdWords to connect with your customers and help them understand where you come from.

1 – Try Different Ad Formats

When telling a good story, it’s important to keep your audience engaged. The monster in your spooky yarn around the campfire is a lot creepier if you can get an audible gasp out of your entranced listeners when it pounces, for instance. This idea holds true in advertising.

Google AdWords - Tell Your Story Through Different Ad Formats
Google AdWords – Tell Your Story Through Different Ad Formats

AdWords provides a lot more options for ads than just standard text ads. Maybe you want to engage potential customers even when they’re not actively looking for your product. Image ads on the Google Display Network allow you to showcase new products, highlight the benefits of purchasing from your business, and maintain the engagement of those who see your ads a lot better than text ads might in certain situations.

Try Display Advertising on Google's Display Network
Google AdWords Tips – Try Different Ad Formats – Display Advertising on Google’s Display Network

Another great option are video ads on YouTube and other popular websites.

Try YouTube Trueview Ad Video Formats
Google AdWords Tips – Try Different Ad Formats – YouTube Trueview Video Ads

The average person’s attention can be easily captured and held by an interesting, thoughtful, or downright funny video ad. Utilizing each of these different ad types to engage with your audience in different ways at different times is the key to a well rounded marketing strategy.

2 – Make it Easy for Your Customers

Google AdWords Tips - Make It Easy For The Customer
Google AdWords Tips – Make It Easy For The Customer

Another important element of good storytelling is pacing. You want your story to move along quickly and smoothly so that your audience remains engaged and leaves their attention in your hands. This translates to advertising by the following advice: make clear, concise ad text which relates directly to the content found on your landing page.

Google AdWords Search Ad Example
Google AdWords Tips – Make it Easy for the Customer –  Search Ad Example

Customers feel a certain expectation of what they’re going to see when they click on your ad. By linking them to a page which brings them directly to what it is they’re looking for, you’re more likely to keep their attention and get them to make a purchase, or perform a desired result. Your site’s landing page should include a clear call to action and preferably a button to help the customer complete the desired action easily and seamlessly.

Landing Page that Corresponds to Text Ad
Google AdWords Tips – Make it Easy for the Customer –  Landing Page that Corresponds to Text Ad

For example, if your website sells something, a “buy now” button which takes them directly to checkout would be helpful and greatly appreciated by your busy customers. 

It is important to keep in mind that many of your potential customers will be seeing your ads on a device other than a desktop or laptop computer. Most will now probably see it on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. Because of this, you’ll want to write ads that make sense across multiple devices and to create landing pages which are mobile friendly and ergonomic.

3 – Experiment!

A final tip about telling a great story: you can’t tell it in the first place if no one is listening! Though the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” certainly is true and has its merits, when people have only a split second to decide whether or not a story is worth listening to, as users who see your ads will, they might very well decide based on what’s visible immediately at the surface.

Google AdWords - Always Be Testing
Google AdWords Tips – Experiment – Test Different Text Ad Variations to See Which Performs Best

Because there are so many ads out there, you’ll want to make yours stand out to users and give them a reason to get interested. In order to find out what will grab your customer’s attention and get them to click on your ads, it will undoubtedly be beneficial to run several different ads and pit them against each other in an experiment, or competition.

If you have a new product to sell, try creating two sets of ads for it: one which focuses on the product’s price, and the other focusing on the product’s features or characteristics. Give the two ad groups a month or so, review the data AdWords collected for you on both of them during that time, and decide which one was more successful. Then, use that knowledge to craft new ads in the same mold and so on and so forth.

ABT– Always Be Testing; by constantly experimenting with new ads, ad types and placements, you’ll be able to find and engage your customers in new and exciting ways, leading to a more pleasant web experience for them and more revenue and profits for you!

By trying different ad formats, making it easy for your customers, and experimenting a little with your campaigns, AdWords makes it easy than ever to connect to your audience and tell your business’ story.


Ricky Noel is a Google AdWords Certified AdWords Professional, a proud employee of eBiz, ROI. as well as a full-time student at SUNY Geneseo, where he studies English, Education, and Theater. Ricky got into the internet marketing industry when his father, Rick, introduced him to Google AdWords and showed him the possibilities online advertising represented for business owners and web-users alike. Ricky began working with eBiz in the summer of 2016, between senior year of highschool and shipping off to college. Since then, he has worked remotely from school thanks to the wonders of Google Hangouts and high speed internet connectivity. His passions include reading, writing creatively and analytically, and performing in plays and musicals. He is also an experienced Dungeons and Dragons aficionado, holds Abraham Lincoln and George R.R. Martin among his personal heroes, and is really excited to help businesses grow and spread their message online.

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