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What is Google Analytics?

Knowledge, as the old adage goes, is power. There is no wiggle room in that statement, no doubt about what exactly constitutes the value of information when you possess it. Knowledge, and the ability to effectively use it, are key

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Web Marketing Goes Mobile

Google Analytics Goes Mobile Product Update: Mobile Analytics, Intelligence Alerts Widget, & Browser Size Analysis for mobile web marketing! As web marketing goes mobile more and more these days, Google Announced some great mobile Internet marketing resources in their Google

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Top 10 Reasons Web Analytics are Essential

Web analytics are essential to the success of online marketing efforts. Overview of the free defacto web analytics package which is easy to use and install. Web Analytics are essential to marketing on the Internet. Macro economic conditions have led

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Tracking Events as Goals in Google Analytics

Tracking events as goals in Google Analytics such as click to email and click to chat are key to inputs to tracking overall campaign performance. My current understanding is that Google Analytics does not currently support tracking events as goals.

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