Social Sharing Strategy to Increase Content Marketing ROI

With content marketing and SEO becoming a critical component of Internet marketing, understanding how to drive distribution through social sharing channels is critical to your content marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Watch this video and learn about the tools, tips and techniques used by the market leaders.

Social Media Sharing Can Increase Content Markleting Reach and ROI

What a lovely discovery this afternoon in our +Rick Noel stream. A new learning opportunity that some of you may have already happened upon. Whiteboard+, a new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informational video, the 5th video in Whiteboard+ series produced by, a world leader in SEO tools and thought leaders on SEO strategy.

The Whiteboard+ topic today is on developing and executing on a social sharing strategy. A link to the SEOMoz Whiteboard Social Sharing Video is provided for your SEO/Internet marketing learning enjoyment.

The social sharing strategy video runs 15 mins and 13 seconds, which, for those of us that suffer from Internet attention deficit disorder, is a lifetime. That said, Trust me when I tell you that this free video and its content is well worth every second invested in watching, will provide specific tools, techniques and tips and is more relevant than ever given some recent changes in Google’s Search algorithm, dubbed Google Search, Plus Your World.

This content is primarily targeted (and best suited) for Internet marketers, SEO agencies and Social Media marketing agencies, but can also be beneficial for any small business using or considering investing in Internet marketing tactics such as content marketing, search marketing including SEO and social media engagement.

In this Video, Rand Fishkin of explains social sharing strategies providing specific, helpful examples with social media sharing tools, tips and techniques used to maximize the reach of your content marketing efforts while providing key performance indicators such as CTRs (Click Through Rates) by content by channel.

Social Sharing Strategy – Video Summary

Rand talks about building a social sharing strategy for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites based on your audience and where they are most engaging for the particular type of content that you are sharing. You can track these if you have the discipline along with using a specific shortened link for each piece of content by channel. Two of the social sharing tools mentioned include two URL (web address) shorteners called out by name:, In addition, Rand mentioned two tools that can be used to track and measure some social metrics including, an developed tool which can measure social engagement and link attributes and which can measure integrated social engagement activities across social platforms for a particular web page URL.

In the Social Sharing Strategy Video, Rand elaborates and then answers the following questions:

  1. What is content is worthy of sharing?
  2. How should I distribute accounts across social platforms (agency vs. business vs. individual)
  3. Which items (content) should I share on which social platforms (test and see which works best)
  4. How do I prioritize promotion of social media accounts (on website, blog and other promotional platforms)

For eBiz ROI, we use a strategy where content we create and curate (e.g. the Social Sharing Strategy Video above) lives on our blog and then is shared, typically simultaneously across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. As Rand points out in the video, this is often acceptable as the cross over between channels is minimal, especially with the nature of Twitter feeds where a few hours can be the life of when you share might get viewed. In addition, you will note at the top of this post there are buttons for Facebook like, Google+1, Twitter and LinkedIn to make sharing content easy. eBiz ROI also uses the AddThis widget which allows for additional sharing options including a myriad of social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit and many others, enabling viral sharing to increase content reach,

Rand also discusses some tools that can be used to evaluate audience and what social networks they are logged into while consuming content on your site. This requires the placement of some code on your site to be able to measure and track, but can provide useful insights when trying to prioritize your social media sharing and promotion strategies. There is a good post on Social Media Examiner that shows how to track Tweets, Facebook Likes and more with Google Analytics.

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Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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