Smart Display Campaigns: Making AdWords Work For You

Smart Display Campaigns: Making AdWords Work For You
Smart Display Campaigns - The Smartest Advertising You've Never Heard About

Smart display campaigns maybe the best advertising tool that you’ve never heard about.

Smart Display Campaigns - The Smartest Advertising You've Never Heard About
Smart display campaigns – The Smartest Advertising You’ve Never Heard About

And savvy marketers understand the importance of reaching potential customers with more than just text ads used in search campaigns.

Smart Display Campaigns: Making AdWords Work For You
Smart Display Campaigns: Making AdWords Work For You

AdWords Smart Display Campaigns, recently announced by Google, are a great marketing tool to enable businesses to grow sales and profits at scale.

These new Smart display campaigns run on the Google Display Network or GDN. The GDN is currently comprised of more than 3 million websites and apps reaching over 80% of users worldwide! To have a good understanding of Smart display campaigns, it is important to understand GDN.

What is the Google Display Network?

That’s a myriad of places where you have the opportunity to connect regularly in new, interesting and exciting ways with web users. But perhaps you’re worried about learning the minutiae of running a display campaign, or think you don’t have the time to manage one. Fear not! Using sophisticated machine learning, AdWords Smart Display Campaigns are designed to make managing display campaigns easier than ever.

So What Makes These Campaigns “Smart”?

The new “Smart” display campaigns get their distinction because they rely heavily on automation and management by Google’s colossal stores of data and algorithms. The new campaigns hope to take the labor and guesswork out of bidding, targeting and ad creation through the following technologies:

  • Automated Bidding – Using your target CPA as a starting point, Smart display campaigns set your bids in each auction by first determining how likely a user is to result in a conversion. This saves your bids for truly relevant auctions and gives you the best possible ROI.
  • Automated Targeting – Smart display campaigns will track which demographics, locations, etc. are leading to the most conversions and optimize your targeting throughout to further maximize your ROI.
  • Automated Ad Creation – You provide Google with headlines, descriptions, logos, and images, AdWords takes these building blocks and creates ads that fill virtually any ad space across the GDN. This saves you the time of having to create custom ads from scratch all the time.

Benefits to Using these Smart campaigns

Business Benefits of Google AdWords Smart Display Campaigns
Business Benefits of Google AdWords Smart display campaigns

Simply put, Google offers advertisers with a myriad of awesome features and perks for adopting Smart display campaigns into their marketing strategy.

These include:

  • A Top Performing Campaign without the effort – By turning over a lot of the work to AdWords’ automated systems, Smart display campaigns allow you to put together a highly successful display campaign in just minutes.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder – Automatically optimizing in days, Smart display campaigns quickly and efficiently allow you to discover which of your ads, headlines, images, and so on are leading to the highest number of conversions. By paying attention to all of these suggestions, you can strengthen your marketing strategy with only a marginal amount of effort.

As a result, Smart Display Campaigns are great for advertisers who are new to Display Advertising, or who want to be able to create and run a highly performing campaign quickly and without much input and management on their part.

Give Up Control to Get Performance/ROI

In terms of business sense, Display Campaigns alone are a smart way to grow your business online. A shrewd advertiser knows that it is not only important to reach potential customers when they are actively looking for your product or service, but also at every other stage of the buying cycle.

And just because a user isn’t actively searching for your product now doesn’t mean they won’t  be interested in it. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your product in the spotlight for potentially interested users, and ads on the GDN help you achieve that.

Though there are issues of giving up control to AdWords’ analytics, Google’s data from businesses who use Smart display campaigns have suggested the possibility of increasing your number of conversions by up to 36% while maintaining a constant CPA! Most impressive.

So whether you decide to give Smart display campaigns a chance, or you prefer to manage your display campaigns yourself, getting your message out there to users across the web is the key to solid digital advertising.
Happy Marketing!

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