Small Business Data Backup for Disaster Recovery

Small businesses rarely have an IT department or in-house expertise to manage their business critical data. That, however, does not alleviate the need for data backup for disaster recovery solutions which, today, more than ever, are both affordable and easy to deploy and manage. Small business data backup for disaster recovery should be a consideration.

Mid to large companies, at least well-run ones, have data backup and recovery procedures are managed by a dedicated IT department. For small businesses, data backup for disaster recovery is often overlooked until disaster strikes and the lack of a recovery path becomes alarmingly apparent. The impact to the small business from an unrecoverable data loss can be huge.

Those that have had a hard drive crash before and lost valuable data are likely to have a data backup and plan for disaster recovery. For those lucky enough to have not experienced this kind of loss, the need and risk may be less evident. For those small businesses that only have one copy of business-critical data that is not backed up, that data is vulnerable and at risk, a risk that and and should be mitigated. Often times, a virus or hardware failure can result in severe data loss. More times than not, this lost data cannot be recovered or can only be recovered at a very high cost by experts specializing in data recovery.

Small businesses should back up customer data, accounting information, customer deliverables and important, business-related email messages. There are many other small business data areas that should be backed up, but the list provided is intended to provide the reader a starting point and food for thought, hopefully getting them to think, then act.

For instance, for a small business may publish a blog as part of its Internet marketing efforts. The effort for this kind of marketing activity is typically significant, even if only blogging once or twice a month. What is the impact to a small business suffering a data loss of 100 blog posts or a year’s worth of content from your Facebook page that was not backed up? This kind of data is often overlooked in a data backup and recovery plan, but is valuable to the small business nonetheless.

Small business must think of their data in terms of a key business asset and value that asset as by the commercial value of time spent creating that data as well as the effort to recreate the data if a data loss incident occurs. Small business data backup for disaster recovery must be viewed as critical investments required to protect valuable business data.

The good news is that there are now a number of affordable solutions for small business data backup for disaster recovery in the market that make backing up businesses critical data virtually effortless. Many of these small business data backup solutions for disaster recovery are configured on installation and then automatically back-up any data files that have changed since the previous data backup, backing up data online efficiently, using the least amount of bandwidth and computer processing power to protect value business data. Some software data backup solutions will initiate an online incremental backup automatically when the computer is idle for 30 minutes, making the backup process both automatic and nonintrusive.

The nice thing about the currently available small business data backup for disaster recovery services is that they are that “set it and forget it” without requiring IT knowledge or skills often required for proprietary data backup and recovery solutions. All online data backup services provide the added benefit offsite storage which is some industries, is a requirement. This protects small business from suffering a data loss from equipment theft, fire or other common data loss hazards. For small businesses that rely solely on external hard drives, the risk is that external hard drives are usually stored next to the computer whose data they are used to back up and unless your thief or fire is IT-sensitive with some conscious, there goes your back-up with your data!

With these small business data backup for disaster recovery services starting in the neighborhood of $60/yr/computer, there is no more need for old school, weekend, hard drive swap rally’s at the local safety deposit boxes just to achieve offsite backups and protect data critical to your small business.


Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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