Conversion Testing

Conversion Testing Services

Identify conversion test goals based on your business goals. Examples of conversion optimization business goals include:

  • Increasing conversion rates for sales
  • Increasing conversion rates for qualified leads
  • Increasing traffic to other parts of your site

Once the test goals are set, Identify the elements of that page to test such as:

  • Calls to Action (e.g. purchase, lead form, newsletter sign-up or whitepaper download)
  • Images
  • Headlines
  • Web page copy Design and layout variations

While their will be the temptation to design a multivariate experiment to test anything and everything at once, eBiz ROI recommends going after the low hanging fruit first. This can generally be accomplished with A/B or simple multivariate experiments limiting the number of variables to three variables and three different instances to test for each variable.

Over complicating experiments result in larger traffic requirements, longer testing durations and additional resources to run and analyze the results, thus delaying more immediate, high impact benefits.

Finalize the selection of either A/B or multivariate experiment Design the details of the experiment based on current traffic, time, budget constraints and available resources Execute the experiment