Reach More Customers with Gmail Ads

Reach More Customers with Gmail Ads
See How Gmail Ads Work

Engage Customers Directly with Gmail Ads In Their Inbox

Ever had the nagging feeling that you just need to check your email? Who knows what sorts of important, or not so important, things could be waiting for you in your inbox! If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

Over 1 billion people log into Gmail accounts to keep up with their contacts, do work, and many other things. Gmail ads offer advertisers a great way to get in front to this audience.

Reach A Billion People On Email Without Sending Email
Gmail Ads Enable Advertisers Reach A Billion People On Email Without Sending Email

An audience of that magnitude makes Gmail a wonderful place to show ads for your business, and best of all: it fits snugly into the AdWords “family” of ad management, meaning it’s simple, easy and affordable.

How do Gmail Ads Work?

When an ad is displayed in Gmail, the user has the option to ignore it or to click on it.

See How Gmail Ads Work
See How Gmail Ads Work – What A User Sees When Presented with an Ad in Gmail

For users that click the Gmail ad, the ad expands to fill the page and become completely immersive.

Gmail Ad Expands After User Clicks, Providing an Immersive User Experience
Gmail Ad Expands After User Clicks, Providing an Immersive User Experience After the Click

This allows for the advertiser to include rich content like pictures and video to really make their mark on the potential customer. The best part? Just like all other ads by Google, the advertiser only pays for the initial click. This puts tremendous variety and punch into relatively inexpensive and broadly reaching ads.

How Can I Be Sure My Gmail Ads Reach the Right Users?

Gmail Ads - User Targeting Ensure You Reach The Right Audience
Gmail Ads – User Targeting Ensure You Reach The Right Audience

In order to get your ads into the inboxes of potential customers, advertisers have a few options.

Custom Audience Targeting

You are able to reconnect with existing customers by uploading an email list and keeping tabs on people who have already expressed interest in your business or made a purchase (with their permission, of course.)

Behavioral Targeting

You can also find and attract entirely new customers by selecting domains users may have visited or various interests in AdWords and telling the system you would like your Gmail ads to target those specific demographics.

Gmail Ads - Using Using Interests and Behavior Data To Target Interest Buyers
Gmail Ads – Using Using Interests and Remarketing Lists a To Target Interest Buyers

This include targeting users who have visited your website in the past using tools like Google Analytics.

Another great reason to use Gmail ads is that Gmail automatically optimizes your ads to fill all screens. This is imperative in this day and age as 75% of Gmail users check their email most regularly on a mobile device.

How Do I Know if My Gmail Ad is Working?

Because Gmail ads are fully integrated into AdWords, advertisers can clearly see the impact their ads are having on their campaign and/or their overall marketing strategy.

Gmail Ads Use the AdWords Interface to Track Conversions and ROAS
Gmail Ads Use the AdWords Interface to Track Clicks, Costs, Conversions and ROAS

As part of a larger effort, Gmail ads can serve to strike your potential customers when they are taking a moment to check their email. This means that they have multiple chances of seeing your ad directly each and every day, if they’re like most people and can’t help but check it more than once. A very powerful tool in your kit, indeed.

By combining beautiful creative for your ads, powerful targeting and accurate measurement, Gmail ads can add a ton of value and variety to your online marketing campaigns. Take advantage of them to be a savvy advertiser and grow your business. Why not start today?

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