Online Video Marketing to Drive ROI

Online Video Marketing to Drive ROI
How Much Does Online Video Marketing Matter

How to Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy with Video

The following webinar Maximizing The Value of  Online Marketing with Videos presents some interesting and compelling reasons to include online videos in your content marketing strategy.

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3 Compelling Reasons to Consider Online Video Marketing

3 Compelling Reasons to Use online Videos to market online
3 Compelling Reasons to Use Videos to Market Online

Why do businesses and organizations use videos to market online?

  • Drive targeted, relevant traffic to their website,
  • Increase visitor time on site,
  • Use video content to sell

According to the presenter, Stuart Patterson of RAMP,  a company focused on helping marketers get more ROI from their video content, the following impacts where realized by RAMP platform clients.

What’s the Impact of Online Video Marketing?

How Much Does Online Video Marketing Matter
How Much Does Online Video Marketing Matter?

Stuart shares some results from the RAMP customers. The following online video marketing impact claim were made:

  • 320% increase in unique visitors,
  • 40% increase in the average time on site,
  • A factor of 10x increase in CTR (Click Through Rates)

As you can imagine, these kind of stats will peak the interest of even the most video-skeptical content marketers. These kinds of  impacts are hard to ignore.

 How Does Online Video Marketing Enhance Search?

How Does Video Enhance Search
How Does Video Enhance Search?

Online Video enhances search through:

  • Metadata,
  • Transcriptions & tagging,
  • Sharing.

Online Video Marketing Search and Discovery in Action

The example below is from the People’s Choice Awards, a current RAMP customer. Note the video search capability, karaoke style transcript below the video and the related video content on the right side bar.

Search and Discovery in Action
Search and Discovery in Action – Example of Leveraging Metadata

In terms of leveraging metadata in connecting the video content with search demand, the following are relevant:

  • Title,
  • Description,
  • Tags,
  • Transcripts.

How Do You Measure Your Online Video Marketing ROI?

How do you measure online video ROI
How do you measure online video ROI

How you measure online video ROI often depends on where your sit within a business or organization. If you are focused on building audience and traffic to your website through video content, then ROI might be measured in terms of increasing the # of unique visitors to the website.

If you are focused on increasing visitor engagement, the ROI for online video might be measured by increased time on site. This could also be driven by content that surrounds online videos and specialized controls built into the video player.

For e-commerce providers using video to sell products or services, ROI might be measured in terms of actual sales that are attributed to the video content. ROI will be different based on the business drivers for including video in a content marketing strategy.

Delight and Engage Your Online Video Viewers

Delight and engage your viewers by creating the ultimate viewing experience.
Delight and engage your viewers by creating the ultimate viewing experience.

Engage users by creating the ultimate viewer experience. This can be accomplished by surrounding the video with related, relevant content to enrich the viewing experience while keeping viewers engaged on longer.


Successful business and organizations are currently leveraging video to drive targeted traffic to their websites, enhance visitor engagement to increase time on site and creating premium, context based ad inventory to increase value of impressions.

Video delivery platforms such as RAMP can assist in helping content marketers get more value and ROI from the online video marketing assets.

The good news is that there is less competition in online video marketing as compared with non video based content marketing.

Webinar Credits

The Maximizing the Value of Online Marketing Video Webinar was moderated by

Tom Murphy

General Manager & Editorial Director
Simpler Media Group, CMSWire

About CMSWire, The Webinar Host

  •  Founded in 2003
  • 100+ monthly contributors
  • Key Services:
    • 300+ articles per month
    • Monthly editorial themes
    • Monthly Tweet Jams, Hangouts, Webinars
    • Interviews & Discussion Points
  • 4 Primary Topic Areas:
    • Customer Experience, Digital Marketing
    • Social Business, Enterprise Collaboration
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • SharePoint, Office 365 & the Ecosystem

The Webinar also features

Stuart Patterson

President and COO of RAMP

  • Led and advised the leaders of early/mid stage ventures in a variety of markets, including multimedia and video services, mobile apps and advertising, online/Internet apps, telephony services, VoIP, Speech Recognition and synthesis, biometrics, identity management, RFID, natural antimicrobials, solar energy and energy efficiency.
  • As CEO, Board of Director or executive coach, Stu has managed or supported the funding, growth strategies, and in many cases, restructuring or sale of  Springpad, Xtone, Gemvara, Nexamp, eQuilibrium (acquired by EnerNOC), Agion (now Sciessent), Courion, Scansoft (now Nuance), SpeechWorks (IPO), Voxware (IPO) and Vicorp (acquired by Precision Systems).
  • As SpeechWorks CEO, Stu was recognized as a Top-Ten Leader in Speech, a finalist in the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year competition and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. He holds a BA from Harvard College and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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