Never Buy Facebook Likes

Never Buy Facebook Likes

You Should Never Buy Facebook Likes – Here’s the Data to Prove It

You should never buy facebook likes. I mean it. That nagging voice that just raised a red flag while you were flogging your SPAM should be warning enough. This time say it out loud while reading, “I will never buy Facebook likes!”

Why you should never buy Facebook likes
JeepersMedia / Visualhunt / CC BY
JeepersMedia / Visualhunt / CC BY

We marketers are constantly SPAMed with emails selling Facebook Likes from dealers offering fans by the bunch for pennies.

The offers, aside from being SPAM in the first place, should seem fishy since in our experience, Facebook fan acquisition can easily cost $1 or more per  fan especially for B2B (Business to Business) fan pages.

While it’s easy to understand the temptation to purchase likes from a “likes dealer” to gain social proof or surpass the competition’s like count, trust me, don’t do it. Best case, it will drain your funds. Worst case, you could lose your page and along with it, everything you’ve invested in Facebook to date.

Learn why from examining the results of an experiment run by the experts at Ad Espresso who created, then pitted 3 Facebook audiences against one another to see which was most active and engaged.

One audience was built using Facebook Advertising to amass Fans while the other two were built by buying Facebook fans purchased from two outlaw like dealers who “got what you need!

buying Facebook likes suck - use Facebook ads instead

Source: Buying Facebook Likes Suck!

Summary on Why to Never Buy Facebook Likes

While it may be tempting to buy Facebook likes from a like dealer, it’s not worth the risk, especially since buying Facebook likes will kill your post reach and engagement impacting your post visibility for existing and purchased fans.

If your business objective is only growing the number of likes for your Facebook page, then you’re missing the larger marketing and branding opportunity that Facebook offers.

Facebook marketing works best when fans are reached and engage with the brand and one another, driving awareness, bolstering the brand while driving sales and the bottom line.

This is evident by the results of the Ad Espresso experiment detailed above, where the cost per action for the Facebook Ads audience was only $.01 versus the  .$.54, $.55 for the Facebook audiences built from purchasing Fans from shady like dealers.

Need Help With Growing Your Facebook Audience (Likes)?

If you need help growing your Facebook page likes with an audience who will be reachable and engaged, then drop us a line below with your details and we will schedule a video chat to see how we can setup a campaign to get you started!

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