Majestic SEO to Take Over Where Yahoo! Site Explorer Left Off?

With sources of publically available, free Internet link data becoming more scarce, Majestic SEO offers a tool that includes a free version providing SEOs alternatives to Yahoo! Site Explorer, a long-time industry staple, but whose future now appears in question, leaving SEOs in need of high quality link data in support of their strategic link building activities.

Majestic SEO to Take Over Where Yahoo! Site Explorer Left Off?
Majestic SEO to Take Over Where Yahoo! Site Explorer Left Off?

Check out the following Interesting interview sourced from where Kenny Goodman interviews Dixon Jones, an SEO veteran of 10+ years and current Marketing Director for Majestic SEO where they discuss the state of the Internet link industry and the alarming scarcity trend for publically available, quality link information required to perform off-page SEO effectively.

In the interview, Dixon goes into detail on what’s driving the erosion of Yahoo! data, how useful the Google data is, and exactly how Majestic SEO can help SEOs with their strategic link building campaigns. Dixon goes on to explain at a high level how Majestic SEO is achieving its vision to be the most reliable link-data channel on the planet. Very interesting interview and definitely worth the listen.

As any SEO knows, strategic link building is the single most important factor in ranking for competitive, high value search terms. For those interested in learning more about how Majestic SEO and the free version of the Majestic SEO tools, check out the Webinar on Friday 28th January (3:00 GMT / 10:00 AM EST / 8:00 PST.)

It’s titled: “What you can get for free”, and is basically what it says on the tin: A webinar explaining how to use Majestic SEO (for free).

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Note: eBiz ROI, Inc. currently has no affiliate relationship with Majestic SEO or Domainface besides using and benefiting from the free tools. eBiz ROI is already registered to participate in the 28 Jan Majestic SEO webinar and hope to see other eBiz ROI readers there as well.


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