LinkedIn 101 Webinar

LinkedIn 101 Webinar - Answering the Question, What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn 101 Webinar – Answering: What is LinkedIn? Why should I care? How do I use it?

If you are willing to invest the next 60 minutes to learn how to get the most of your LinkedIn profile then you have come to the right place! This LinkedIn 101- webinar is hosted by Jenae Kaska, Senior Community Specialist at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn 101 Webinar Agenda

The following topics are covered by Jenae in the LinkedIn 101 Webinar:

  • Homepage overview,
  • How to edit and develop a robust profile,
  • Manage account settings
  • Search/search results/saving searches
  • Managing your contacts
  • Joining and navigating groups

LinkedIn Overview

LinkedIn is a free tool (with paid upgrades available) for professional networking. Personally, I have used the free LinkedIn subscription since 2004 when I received my invite and am  proud to be among the first 1 million users (745506 in fact) and have gotten a ton of value from it over the years.

At it’s most basic level, LinkedIn is:

  • Worlds largest global professional network
  • Interconnected network of experienced professionals
LinkedIn is the Largest-Network of Experienced Professionals in the World

LinkedIn is the Largest Network of Experienced Professionals in the World

Some LinkedIn Stats

Here are some stats published  on LinkedIn:

  • Over 332 Million Users with the following regional breakdowns:
    • 107M+ United States,
    • 105M+ EMEA,

    • 80M+ Europe,
    • 61M+ Asia and the Pacific,

    • 11M+ Southeast Asia,
    • 5M+ DACH,

    • ​12M+ MENA,
    • 46M+ LATAM.

  • Represented in over 200 countries.
  • LinkedIn users include:
    • 12 million small business professionals,
    • 1.3 million small business owners,
    • 2 new members join LinkedIn every second,
    • 2 million C-Level Executives ,
    • 5.5 million high tech managers are on LinkedIn.


We hope that you got a ton of value from this LinkedIn 101 Webinar and the associated statistics. Learning how to use LinkedIn is a must for professionals in today’s socially-skilled, highly-networked labor market. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to grow your business or personal career, fill out the form below.


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