Internet marketing services #1

Internet marketing services #1
When eBiz ROI earned #1 position for the search Internet marketing services on Google US!

Internet Marketing Services Ranked #1


Internet marketing services ranked 1stWhile we know from an netiquette standpoint, it’s poor form to blow your own horn. But after a three year quest for obtaining the top position in Google US for the search phrase Internet marketing services, eBiz ROI finally obtained the number one position in the Google search results for Google US, at least for the time this post was written.


Now many would say that focusing on a particular keyword or phrase and obsessing over it for three years as unhealthy. But eBiz ROI is an Internet marketing services agency. We believe in the power of search marketing and recognize that Google is the number one search engine by market share in the US by a factor of 2 to 3, a dominant market position which Google has held consistently for the last several years.


eBiz ROI is also keenly aware of the fact that Internet marketing services is a highly relevant search term that drives about 2900 (on an exact match basis) Google searches a month in the US alone


internet marketing services search volume 2012 09 28

(Source: Google Kewords tool)


Over the past several years, eBiz ROI has been edging our way up into the top 200 search results for Internet marketing services, then top 100, then over the last year within the fourth page of the search results and more recently to the first page of the search results for search phrase Internet marketing services.


Most experienced SEOs will tell you that it’s difficult to improve a pages ranking in the search results for a highly competive search phrase once a page is in the top five search results.


eBiz ROI has ranked consistently in the top six search results for Internet marketing services now for several months, post Panda and Penguin. The domain diversity (the number of domains in the first page of the search results) has been relatively low as of late. In fact, the company that previously occupied the number one position for Internet marketing services for a long time (months consecutive, years non-consecutive), had the first and second search result position for several months, even after a significant website update, domain name change as a result of a rebranding effort, which include exchanging an aged domain for a partial match (for Internet marketing services) domain.


When eBiz ROI was ranking number six for Internet marketing services, there was actually two companies above it in the search engine rankingsthat had multiple pages within the same domain representing the top 5 search results.


The domain diversity issue, if you could call it that, is something that Google has been vocally focused on in the past few moths in terms of its search algorithm updates. While eBiz ROI is excited to be rank number one for the search phrase Internet marketing services, we do recognize that #1 ranking and the benefits it provides, could end up being a very short-lived victory.


Experienced SEOs know that search results for competitive search terms can change by the minute based on constant changes in external factors that Google uses a signals to rank webpages (e.g. links, likes, shares) for a search phrase. Making the search results even more dynamic is the fact that the Google alogrithm is contstantly being updated and tested, vetted, with small algorithm updates as fequent as daily. These changes by Google can have dramatic impacts acoss the search results of various search words/phrases.


Discovery, Then Verify

Internet marketing services - Google instant search

Imagine our heart rate is now increasing. Three years is a long time to build anticipation. Then we hit the enter key to find …

Internet marketing services Google search results

(Click image to see full size screen capture which is actually legible) eBiz ROI in the number one position for the seach Internet marketing services.

I know, with over 479,000,000 million pages trying to rank for Internet marketing services, we could hardly believe our eyes either. Thats why we decided to verify our new found, enhanced ranking using the Rank Checker Tool to verify this exciting result, before bragging (and this blog post) could commence. Rank Checker results for Internet marketing services


Talk about Credibility Builder


If you take a step back for a minute and think about the fact that there are hundreds of millions of webpages competing to rank number one for the term Internet marketing services, then you can appreciate the accomplishment to reach the number one ranking position, especially given the competitors core competency (i.e. Internet marketing – of which SEO and ranking for critical key words/phrases, is a founational aspect).


So whether you call it eating it your own dog food, or drinking your own champagne, or the fact that it’s Follow Friday #FF on twitter, eBiz ROI is going to celebrate our coveted number one position for Internet marketing services, even if this ranking acheivement ends up having the half-life of a fruit fly.


But Alas, Success is Fleeting


To that end, it’s entirely possible, and perhaps even likely, that by the time you read this blog post, eBiz ROI will no longer be ranked number one for the search term Internet marketing services. Heck, maybe it was just the result of one of many Google tests that happen daily, but regardless, I like the direction they are taking within Google search 🙂


But given that it’s Friday and this ranking today represents the target outcome of a mult-iyear quest to achieve the number one ranking in Google search results for Internet marketing services, coupled with the fact that we have the screen captures to document the fact that 11:21 AM Eastern time on September 28, 2012, eBiz ROI ranked number one for the search phrase Internet marketing services, we couldn’t resist this brag post.


Regardless of how long eBiz ROI ranks #1 for Intenret marketing services, eBiz ROI focus on the search phrase Internet marketing services will continue as the stakes are high based on relevancy of searchers who type Internet marketing services into the Google search box and the Internet marekting services that eBiz ROI offers.

The number one position in Google generally garners about 40% of the clicks in the search results, so 40% of 2900 search per month for Internet marketing services is 1,160 visitors a month the top position generally delivers from the organic search results.

Thank you for reading our post and tolerating our self-indulgence while we celebrate the symbolic Internet marketing victory gloat. Who’s gloating?;-)




Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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