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Getting noticed on the Internet involves three aspects. Internet traffic, search engines and local search. Local search visibility is critical for SMBs focused on local business.

Internet Marketing for Entrepreneurs Q&A with Arete’ Coaching and Consulting

Interview Video Transcript

Brian: So Rick, What is eBiz ROI?

Rick: eBiz ROI is an Internet Marketing Service Provider helping companies of all sizes leverage the power of the Internet to grow their sales profitably while increasing their marketing return on investment.

Brian: A lot of our viewers are small business owners. The internet is pretty intimidating. What advice would you give them to get the most value out of the Internet?

Rick: There are three things that I tell all entrepreneurs and clients looking to get the most value out of the Internet for t heir business.

  1. And the first thing that we tell them is to get a website, some kind of web presence, even if that is a Facebook page or a Twitter Page, but ideally a website or a blog where they can manage their own content on.
  2. The second thing that I tell entrepreneurs is that they need to drive traffic. They need to have a plan to drive targeted traffic to their websites. `When I say targeted traffic, I am talking about visitors that are searching for the very products and services that that entrepreneur offers as part of their business.
  3. The third thing is to be able to measure what is going on so they need to have an analytics package in place. The good news is there is a free one available that lots of businesses use. With the analytics package in place, they can know who is coming to their website at some level, where that traffic originated from, What search terms they used to find the site and all this information is useful information to visitors into customers and to maximize your return on investments for Internet marketing.

Brian: I think that we understand that everybody needs to have a web presence, but how do we get found on the Internet?

Rick: Getting noticed on the Internet really involves three aspects. The first aspect is traffic, the second aspect is the search engines and the third aspect is local search engines. What I mean by traffic is getting noticed on the Internet is really about getting traffic to your website; targeted traffic; people that are searching for the very products and services that your company offers. Search engines are the mechanisms that people use to get to websites. If you think of your own personal search experience, perhaps maybe how you got to this content, through a search engine looking for a very specific piece of content. Google happens to be the biggest without 65% of the total searches.
For Local Search, it’s a specialization within search with about one Billion searches per month in terms of US search volume. About 90% of people go to local search first for information about local products and services that of offered. Of those people, Of those 90%, 86% will result in either a phone call, an email or a visit to a physical brick and mortar store. So you can understand that utilizing traffic, the search engines and local search in coincident is very important to local entrepreneurs.

Brian: So what does it take for a business to get on local search?

Rick: Local search and a business getting into the position to take advantage of local search involves building profiles on what I consider to be the top four local search sites. So what you do is you register your username, build a profile, then you take information about your business such as the categories, the products and the services that you offer. You populate those profiles then you go through a validation step where you actually validate the profiles through different mechanisms.

Brian: Our clients are very busy and it is clear that this is really important, how long would this normally take to get done?

Rick: So the time that it can take to do this can very based on your technical aptitude, but what we have found is that on average, it takes people a day or more to create these profiles which are still well worth it.

Brian: Wow Rick, that sounds like a lot of time. What are my options?

Rick: Well there are two options. If you are inclined to be a do it yourself person, then you can have a Step by Step Local Search HowTo Guide that I will offer to viewers of this video free of charge. Also, for viewers of this video, I am offering an exclusive package where I will go an have eBiz ROI create those profiles on your behalf, and for the cost of less than a print advertisement in a local circular, you can perpetual ads in these local search engines and be in the places where your customers are looking for your products and services.

Brian: Rick, that sounds great, how do our viewers get in contact with you? There are three ways to get in touch with eBiz ROI. The first way is through the phone at 518 557-3502. The second way to get in touch with eBiz ROI is via email at and the third way is through the website at


Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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