How to Avoid a Google Penalty

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
How to Avoid a Google Penalty

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
How to Avoid a Google Penalty

If you are at all familiar with digital marketing, you know how important Google Search is for driving traffic to your website. That’s precisely why avoiding a Google penalty is so important.

The following infographic from Quicksprout provides an overview on Google penalties that exist and strategies to avoid incurring one of those Google Penalties.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

If all of this seems too complicated, then maybe the best course of action is to hire a reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to perform ethical practices (i.e. methods and procedures aligned with Google Webmaster Guidelines) to ensure that you avoid a Google Penalty in the first place.

Here is a short video with more information.

Monitoring for Google Penalties

Sometimes we find out that we have a Google Penalty only when we notice that our website can no longer be located in the Google search results. Discovering a Google penalty this ways is a very reactive approach. There are more proactive approaches to monitor your website for any issues that could result in a Google penalty.

One of the best ways to monitor your website and help avoid potential Google Penalties is to register your website with Google Search Console (formerly know as Google Webmaster Tools). If that is something that you need help with, contact us today for a free quote.

Please Help Me Avoid a Google Penalty

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