How AdWords Can Help Local Businesses

How AdWords Can Help Local Businesses

How AdWords can help local businesses is not always obvious, especially if for those new to digital advertising.

How AdWords Can Help Local Businesses

Often it can seem that the big fish always eat the little fish, such is the case with traditional media such as broadcast radio and TV. Even in digital media, scrolling through a Facebook news feed or watching a YouTube video can expose a user to ads from a multitude of companies, many of them large corporations. This can create a notion that only big companies can benefit from advertising online.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Small businesses focused on generating leads or sales in their local area can also make tremendous gains with AdWords. Here are some ways that AdWords can be used to help local businesses cost-effectively acquire new customers.

Location Targeting and Extensions

You’ve heard the old adage “location, location, location” for good reason. Deciding where to find what you’re looking for is about as everyday as a task can be. Because Google knows this, AdWords takes location into account for many of its features. A small business can benefit dramatically from being able to target its ads by location, and location extensions help customers see that you’re nearby!

An example of how targeting by location can help small businesses is in order. Let’s say you own a yard care business and want to promote sales of a new brand of lawn mower. You have an AdWords account and have heard that you can target locations down to the zip code. Using your head, you reason that it’s probably better to target zip codes nearby that include a lot of houses with yards, rather than apartment complexes. This will logically lead to better performance for your campaign.

Extensions are useful in this regard as well. They can show users in your area just how close and convenient your location is! AdWords also allows you to set different bids for different locations. This is a great feature because it lets you prioritize your budget toward locations that are more likely to create conversions for you. By tailoring your AdWords campaigns toward your local area, you can really ramp up business.

Calls and Call Only Campaigns

Does it feel like getting people to visit your website isn’t directly leading to sales or conversions? Do you wish you could make things more simple for customers who don’t have time to surf the web? AdWords has a great advertising solution for local businesses here as well: call extensions and call only campaigns.

Call extensions display your business’ phone number alongside your ad, making it easy for users to see the number and place an order or ask a question. If your small, local business finds calls more useful or desirable than clicks, you can create call only campaigns. These campaigns’ ads do not click through to your website, but rather immediately start a call by the user. In addition to often being a reliable source of conversions, calls can also be more personal for your customers. It can be more productive for some users to ask questions to another human being, rather than read your “FAQ” page.

Other Ad Extensions

That being said, an “FAQ” page is a great resource for other local customers who have concerns about your product, but are unable to call or uncomfortable with doing so. If you have such a page, or an “about us” page, or any other number pages on your site you want to showcase, consider using sitelink extensions. Google suggests using as many relevant extensions with your ads as possible. The bigger your ad, the easier it is to see, and the more likely a user will click it.

Maybe you want to showcase the fact that you are a locally owned small business. After all, Google has seen that such connotations tend to help customers feel a connection with your brand. Callout extensions will be your best friend here. Short snippets of text at the bottom of your ads, callouts allow you to highlight unique features or characteristics of your business. Are you veteran owned? Open 24 hours a day? Callouts give you the chance to sell what makes your business special.

All of these and other extensions are available for your campaigns at no additional charge. They help people connect with your local business and cost nothing! Definitely add them to your campaigns if you have not already.


Google AdWords is used by bigger companies, but can be a powerful marketing tool for small, local businesses as well. By taking advantage of extensions for your ads, targeting them to your area, and refining based on your local customer base, you can achieve great success on the platform. Remember that it’s not always about the size of the business, it’s about catering to the needs of your customers, and getting your message out there effectively.

Happy Marketing!

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