Google Sitelinks to Increase AdWords ROAS

Google Sitelinks to Increase AdWords ROAS
Google AdWords Sitelink Example Showing Max of 4 Sitelinks on Mobile

Learn how Google Sitelinks Ad Extensions can be used to enhance the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for your Google AdWords Search Ads by increasing clickthrough rate while driving down the cost per click.

When it comes to converting visitors to your site into customers, ease of use and efficiency are of paramount importance. A fantastic way to increase the quality of your ads, while also providing customers with an easy, fast way to get where they want to go on your website is to use Google sitelink extensions.

What are Google Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are ad extensions which typically appear at the bottom of a Google search ad. They allow the advertiser to place more links within their ad, as well as direct traffic toward key pages on their website. This allows a potential customer to skip the bothersome task of navigating from your home page and getting directly to what it is they are looking for. Potential pages for use with sitelinks might include:

  • An “about us” page, allowing customers to gain a better understanding of your business’ history, as well as the goods and/or services you provide.
  • Business hours and days of operation.
  • A page featuring your most frequently purchased products.
  • Sales, special offers, and promotions.

How They Show on Your Ads

When a sitelink extension appears on a computer or tablet, anywhere from 2 to 6 links can be shown.

Google Sitelinks Example - from Desktop search results
Google AdWords Sitelinks Example – Desktop

In the above example, on the desktop version of the search ad, Google displays five sitelinks. However, on mobile, it can only show up to 4 links. They can show at the bottom and top of the search ad’s text.

Google Sitelinks Example Showing Max of 4 Sitelinks on Google Mobile Search Results
Google AdWords Sitelink Example Showing Max of 4 Sitelinks on Mobile

How Google Sitelinks Work

You can add and edit sitelink extensions at the account, campaign or ad group level. This provides tremendous flexibility and gives advertisers the ability to decide how best to use sitelinks in their campaigns. When you create a sitelink extension, you provide the URL you want each link to land the customer on, but also the link text which actually appears to them as they click it.

Google Sitelinks at Ad Group Level Example
Defining Google Sitelinks in AdWords – Ad Group Level Example

Occasionally, Google will supplement your sitelinks with a description based on information you have provided them about those pages. This description can either be edited manually by the advertiser or allowed to be generated by Google, using information within your account relating to the sitelinks (Various ads which use it, for instance.)

Benefits to Using Google Sitelinks

There are multiple reasons why considering using sitelink extensions for your Google search ads is a great idea. These include:

  • Update and edit easily: You can change URL and link texts whenever you want. This enables you to keep them up to date with changes in your business, such as sales and special promotions. Additionally, you do not need to edit or create a new text ads to use sitelinks with them.
  • See detailed data about your clicks. Through the use of sitelinks, you can gain valuable insight into how potential customers interact with your website. Adwords allows you to break down this information by campaign, ad group, or ad.
  • You can edit your sitelinks without losing any data: Google enables you to edit your extensions without resetting performance data.
  • Customized sitelinks for mobile: you can create sitelinks optimized for use with mobile devices, allowing you to target and reach the mediums which matter most to your business.
  • Specified scheduling with start and end dates: create a detailed, self contained schedule, saving yourself time and effort from having to manually manage links to your page.
  • Increase share of voice in the search results page by creating ads that take up more of the search results page, pushing competing ads below yours down further, possibly below the fold and out of view.

What’s the catch?

Sitelink extensions have so many outstanding features and the capacity to help your ads tremendously. They must have some sort of cost, right? Wrong.

Sitelinks are free to add to any Google search ad. The only cost involved is the same as it would be if you did not use sitelink extensions, as you are charged the same price if a customer clicks on your sitelink as on your landing page. Having sitelinks provides your potential customers with more opportunities to click on your ad, without having to pay anything extra on your end.

Google sitelink extensions allow your customers to interact with your search ads in more direct, meaningful ways. They can drive traffic to the pages on your website which matter the most to your business and provide you with more meaningful clicks because of it. Start using sitelink extensions with your Google search ads today!

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Ricky Noel is a Google AdWords Certified AdWords Professional, a proud employee of eBiz, ROI. as well as a full-time student at SUNY Geneseo, where he studies English, Education, and Theater. Ricky got into the internet marketing industry when his father, Rick, introduced him to Google AdWords and showed him the possibilities online advertising represented for business owners and web-users alike. Ricky began working with eBiz in the summer of 2016, between senior year of highschool and shipping off to college. Since then, he has worked remotely from school thanks to the wonders of Google Hangouts and high speed internet connectivity. His passions include reading, writing creatively and analytically, and performing in plays and musicals. He is also an experienced Dungeons and Dragons aficionado, holds Abraham Lincoln and George R.R. Martin among his personal heroes, and is really excited to help businesses grow and spread their message online.

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