Google Plus Business Page in 10 Easy Steps.

Google+ business pages are a great Internet marketing tool for your business. With Google+ growth surprising even the skeptics, it’s a great time to claim your free Google+ business page to effectively promote your business online.

Google Plus Business Page in 10 Easy Steps

1.) Create a personal profile on Google Plus.

Google Plus Business Page Personal Profile
Google Plus Business Page Personal Profile

2.) Seek out people that you want to connect with on Google Plus and add them to one or more of your circles

3.) Click on the home icon to go to your news stream. This is content that is dynamically populated by content that is shared by other Google Plus users you are connected to through your circles.

Create a Google Plus Page4.) Locate the Create a Google+ page button on the right side bar, under the Google+ Pages heading and click the Create a Google+ page link

5.) Pick a category on the Create a Googe+ page. Categories to choose from include:

Google Plus Business Page Pick a Category

  1. Local Place or Business, Product or Brand,
  2. Company Institution or Organization,
  3. Arts and Entertainment or Sports,
  4. Other. For our example, we will select Company Institution or Organization as that fits the example.

6.) Add your company info including:

Google Plus Business Page Add Your Company Info

  1. Page Name (use your business name),
  2. Website (optional, but If you link to your page from your website, it will help users discover it more easily),
  3. Category: Select a category from a predefined list (i.e. Consulting and Business Services is what we chose as Internet marketing services was not available)
  4. Audience Appropriateness with choices which determine who your page will be publicly visible to and its content is appropriate for :
    1. Any Google+ user,
    2. Users 18 and older,
    3. Users 21 and older,
    4. Alcohol related,
    5. Opt-in (Optional): You can check the check box Yes, please keep me informed of future Pages releases and other relevant information to opt in (give permission) for Google to send you information about Google Plus Pages future releases, features, etc.
    6. Terms of Service (Required): prior to creating your Google Plus Business Page, you must acknowledge and agree to the Google Plus Pages Terms of Service by checking the box to the left of the following text: “I agree to the Pages Terms and I am authorized to create this page.”

7.) Click the CREATE button

8.) Customize your Google+ Business page’s public profile and add more details to help people find your business on Google Plus by adding the following profile basics to get started:

  1. Add company tagline (Google recommends “the 10 words that describe your business best.”)
  2. Add a company logo which can be uploaded from your computer or device or sourced from your Google Plus personal profile.

Google Plus Business Page Customize Your Pages Public Profile After


9.) Get the word out to tell everyone about your new page on Google+ (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Google Plus Business Page Get the Word Out

Google Plus Business Page Get the Word Out Share

10.) Click the FINISH button when you are done sharing.

Now is when the real fun begins. Google has some great suggestions on how to promote your page.

Google Plus Business Page Congratulations on Creating Your Google Plus Page

  1. Start a conversation by posting content on your page. People want to hear from you! Start sharing photos, videos, links, and other interesting content publicly.
  2. Connect your website (notice the shiny new eBiz ROI G+ badge!) Grow your audience by making it easy for people to find and recommend your page. Place the Google+ badge or a small code snippet on your site.
  3. Tell the world by using the link to your page provided by Google in the Google+ creation confirmation page. Distribute this link everywhere you communicate online, to encourage people to add your page to their circles so your posts will appear in their stream.
  4. Build You Circles. Once people add your page to their circles, you can add them back. Use your circles to get the right message to the right people.
  5. Other techniques Google+ Direct Connect, Hangouts and adding a +1 Button to your website.

I hope this brief Adding a Google+ Business Page tutorial was helpful to you. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact eBiz ROI to learn more about how your business can leverage Google+, Google Places and Google Search Plus Your World.

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Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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