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 The Who, What, Where, When, How?

Google+ CommunitiesGoogle announced on several news outlets on 7-December-2012 that the Google+ team had rolled out Google+ Communities to its social networking platform, allowing users to create and join private and public communities on Google+ based on specific topics and interests such as food, sports and local events.

See the announcement on The Office Google Blog: Google+ Communities and Photos, on Mashable: Google+ Adds Communities to Talk About Food, Football and More and the official promotional video on YouTube: Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you’re into, announcing and promoting the introduction of Communities on Google+.

Google+ Communities Introduction and Promotion Video

LinkedIn and Facebook have had the concept of groups for several years now so to say that the concept of implementing communities within a social network is groundbreaking would be untrue. That said, there is a huge potential for Google plus communities to drive engagement and time on site by bringing together Google+ users with like interests.

Google+ Communities – Overview

Google+ Communities are places for like minded individuals to come together around a specific subject matter. There are a few use cases for these communities that might be of particular interest to Internet marketers:

  • Setting up public or private communities where membership can support or discuss a particular topic such as motorcycles, mountain biking or brewing beer or perhaps professional topics such as Internet marketing.
  • Finding conversations about topics of interest so Google+ users can participate in the discussion, for instance, what are some techniques that small businesses are using to promote their businesses online.
  • Starting Google+ Hangouts and planning events on Google+ with community members.
  • Sharing interesting, relevant content encountered online with community by simply using the Google+1 buttons that now adorne much of the high quality content online.

So What Does that Mean for Marketing a Business Online?

Like so many good marketers, especially Internet marketers, Google+ Communities sound interesting, but so what? Let’s look at a practical example. Let’s say you own or do marketing for a local home remodeling business. That just happens to specialize in painting and remodeling . It might behoove you to network with homeowners and realtors that are really interest in painting and remodeling as they a good interest based prospect and probably much more likely to become a customer.

Just like you’d do some digital networking on using Facebook, LinkedIn groups, and maybe special interest/niche online forums, it makes sense that like minded, interested Google+ users would seek out Communities where these people hang out and since we are very much in the Google+ “land rush” perhaps create one yourself! Here’s how to create a Google+ Community.

Creating a Google+ Community

Next time you log into Google+, you will notice some changes in the user interface, including a Communities button on the left side that looks a little like the recycle sign (Google going green?;-) of the browser window and at the top, a red colored Create A Community button.

Google Communities getting started

Figure 1 – Google+ Community Interface additions

After clicking the create button, the Community creator must decide:

  • Whether the community will be public or private
  • What the community will be called

what kind of community are you making

Figure 2 – Google+ Community kind (public vs. private) and name

After making a selection of public or private Community type, provide a community name  and select permissions settings. As an Internet marketing group, by way of example, I have selected that nobody should need permission to join option, because as an Internet marketer, it my desire is to grow the community and remove barriers to community membership in an effort to maximize community reach.

congratulations youve started a community

Figure 3 – Google+ Community Creation Confirmation

Now it’s time to customize your community to make it your own buy:

  • Write a tag line
  • Add a community profile photo
  • Compete your about section

The about section can be a great opportunity to add community guidelines including what types of discussions are allowed and as important, what are not. Once you hit Save then Done Editing buttons on this screen, you’ll be prompted to invite people to join your new community.

invite people to this community

Figure 4 – Google+ Invite People to Join Your Community

As you can see, you can invite people via names, Circles, or email addresses. Once you hit the Send button, you have now successfully created your Google+ Community.


google Internet marketing community

Figure 5 – Google+ Internet Marketing Community

Now that you have created your Google+ Community, the next value add is to join communities of like minded people who are active on Google+.

Google+ Communities – Search and Discover

To do this, click on the Communities icon in the left navigation ribbon and then see suggested Communities or search by keyword in the Community search box.

search discover other google  communities

Figure 6 – Google+ Discovery – Search for Communities of Interest

From a marketers standpoint, it makes sense to join communities whose members look most like prospects and future customers. From a personal enrichment standpoint, search for and join communities that are comprised of members with passions similar to yours.

Shameless Plug – Join the Internet marketing community – – I know, the next question that comes to mind is when will Google+ create vanity URLs for communities. If anyone knows something about this, leave a comment on the when/how.

Google+ Communities – Just Do It!

There is no better way to learn that by doing, and like many other things Google, there is an advantage realized over time by early adopters, so like the Nike slogan goes, Just Do It!

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Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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