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Local Search is an important resource, especially for businesses whose primary focus is a local market.

A good way to boost local search traffic is to create listings on popular local search directories. This is especially relevant if you sell an in market-delivered service and your target and only market is local. The best part is that you can list your business in local directories for free including your website URL, phone and address. The investment is a little time to build profiles on these sites, but once you are listed, you can rest assured that potential customers utilizing local search for your products and services will see your business, not just your competitors. The free backlink to your site from your local directory listing doesn’t hurt your site’s SEO either.

It is important to capture the local search traffic in your target markets. The users of local search, in many instances, are actively in market for the products and services that you and your competitors offer locally. Some of these local search users are poised to buy and would prefer a local supplier for immediate delivery to avoid shipping or a local place of business to address any critical issues should any arise.

For certain service professionals such as landscapers, cleaners, construction companies, doctors, dentists, lawyers, reactors and others, this is especially important because of their local target markets, which are by their nature, limited in number of potential customers. You can imagine the opportunity cost of having potential customers, who rely on local search to find needed suppliers, be connected directly to the local competitors whose businesses are visible via local search while not considering yours because it was no returned in local search results, and therefore, not even considered as an option to the potentially interested buyer.

Some of the more popular sites include Yellow Pages, Google Local and Yahoo Local. There are a number of other free directories that you can find and starting with a few big ones should show results.

With an estimated 74% of the US population using the Internet today and over 64% relying on search as their primary source of local business information, it is a must for businesses to make sure that they are found when people are looking for products and services in their local markets. Check out the Guide On HowTo Get Your Business Listed On Major Local Search Engines, Yellow Pages Sites and Social Local Networks for more information.


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