Facebook Advertising Targeting Options

Facebook Advertising Targeting Options

Facebook has redefined the way that advertisers can reach relevant audiences online. No other channel, online or off, even comes close to the targeting capabilities currently available within Facebook Advertising solutions.


Google is the only other online advertising option that comes close in terms of targeting users,  with Google offering advertisers a wealth of user data rich with user intent and context, including location.


Facebook offers a wide and varied set of demographic targeting capabilities. These are outlined below to providers some ideas to stimulate the creative process in terms of reaching a very specific, highly relevant audience based on your business’ customer personas.

Age, Location, Gender

Facebook advertising demographic targeting capabilities include traditional ones like age, location and gender. More advanced demographics like income, net worth, industry, work related attributes including employer, industry, and job title  can also be targeted, through networks like LinkedIn might be more accurate if targeting primarily by professional attributes.

Education Level

Facebook Ads can be targeting based on education level. One current application of this  might be for a political candidate trying to reach a certain constituency defined by education level, one where they need to build support. This comes to mind as political polling often delineates support by  education level.

Field of Study

How about targeting by  field of study or college or even a specific class within a college. Think of an employer seeking to reach candidates in a highly competitive field of study. Facebook targeting capabilities allows those businesses to reach relevant candidates where they spend time online.

Relationship Status

Want to target based on relationship status? No problem! If you are a wedding planner trying to reach Facebook users whose relationship status is engaged, it’s super easy to do. How about divorce attorney’s targeting Facebook users whose relationship status is separated?

Parental Status

Trying to reach parents only. Simple. What if you want to reach a parent of kids in a specific stage of life? How about parents of toddlers? Preteens? Teenagers? Very straightforward to implement in Facebook advertising. Think about if you were are offering tutoring services. Think of the possibilities!

Language Preference

Want to reach users whose language preference is Spanish? What a great way to target one of the fastest growing segments. How about users who select German or French as their language preference perhaps because you are a restaurant offering cuisine catering to those populations. Pretty cool!

No other advertising channel offers more detailed demographic specific targeting than Facebook. Check out the epic infographic from WordStream showing off all of Facebook’s Ad Targeting options.

Facebook Ad Targeting Options Infographic by WordStream
Facebook Ad Targeting Options Infographic by WordStream

Yes, I am Ready to Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising Targeting Capabilities to Grow My Business.

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