facebook addiction or merely an obsession?

A recent comScore report finds social networking accounts for 1 in every 5 minutes spent online. Of the social networks minutes of use, facebook dominates, consuming 3 of every 4 social networking minutes.

facebook addiction or merely an obsession?

Are you addicted to facebook? Have you shared and liked yourself into obsession? A recent study by comScore, shows that social networking is one of the top online activities worldwide, with facebook dominating minutes of use.

The recent comScore report finds social networking accounts for 1 in 5 minutes spent online. Facebook dominates consuming 3 out of 4 social networking minutes. A complimentary copy of the report, is available from comScore at: http://www.comscore.com/it_is_a_social_world

According to the comScore study:

  • One in every five minutes online minutes is spent on the social web
  • Three out of every four minutes on the social web is spent on facebook
  • Twitter grew by 59% over the past year in terms of number of users
  • Twitter usage trends along with events of national significance or of pop culture interest
  • People spent 35% more time on social networking sites this year (2011) than last year

“The emergence and widespread global adoption of social networks has vastly influenced human interaction on an individual, community and larger societal level, and underscores the convergence of the online and offline worlds,” said Linda Boland Abraham, comScore CMO and EVP of global development.”

“Regardless of geography, social networks are weaving themselves ever more intricately into the fabric of the digital experience, opening a world of new opportunity for business and technology.”

The most popular social networking site by a good margin was facebook, which was incredibly visited by over 50% of all web users in the world based on analysis of October data. Twitter now reaches about 10% of off web users worldwide.

Broad smartphone adoption is driving social activity online with the study citing nearly 40% of users access the social web via smartphone.

See video featuring Adam Faulk of Mashable reviewing some of the comScore study highlights:

UPDATE: 2 Jan 2012 – Relavent YouTube Video from 2009 with interviews from facebook addicts

Are you Addicted to Facebook?

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