Facebook Ad Targeting Tutorial

Facebook Ad Targeting Tutorial
Facebook Ad Targeting Example
Facebook Ad Targeting Example
Facebook Ad Targeting Example

Check out the brief Facebook ad targeting tutorial video in the embedded post below to learn how Facebook ads can be used to grow sales by allowing advertisers to target ads very precisely.

The brief 3 minute video walks viewers through an example for a small  food market in San Francisco targeting their ads on Facebook to show to a very specific audience, one most likely to respond positively to their ads.

See how you can reach your audience by locationgenderageinterestsbehaviorseducationconnections and more.



Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads#top-targeting-options

In this video, viewers can learn how to get their advertisements in front of the right people on Facebook. When you are targeting your ad, your are choosing the audiences that you want to see your ad.

Define Your Audience

Under the Audience Section, you’ll find the traits and categories that you need to identify the audience that you want to advertise to.

Facebook Ad Targeting - defining audience
Facebook Ad Targeting – defining audience

As you chose your audience, the Facebook Audience Definition widget shows how your choices either narrow or expand your potential audience.

Ads on Facebook have to comply with all applicable laws in the region that you are advertising to.

For the Locations, start by adding at least one country, then targeting states, cities and zip codes. These location settings will tell Facebook to show your ads to people who live in these areas.

With age, gender and location, you can identify people within your audience that you want to reach.  With age, you can find people on Facebook who fit the age demographic for your business.

For gender, you can chose men, women or both.

More Demographics

In addition, you can click More Demographics to filter your audience further.

Facebook Ad Targeting - define audience - more demographics
Facebook Ad Targeting – define audience – more demographics

Chose from things like Relationship Status, Education Level, Work, Financial and more.

Define Interests

For interests, you can select from an incredible amount of categories to expand the read of your ads.

Facebook Ad Targeting-define audience interests
Facebook Ad Targeting – define audience interests

Selecting these categories is based on showing ads to people that have expressed an interest in certain categories. When you hover your pointer over an Interest category, the Audience Tool shows how many users are interested in that topic. Interest based targeting can expand your ads reach to other relevant audiences.

To find categories that are relevant your audience, you can click the Browse tab to search the available interest categories or simply begin typing in the search interests input as indicated by the pointer in the screen capture above and the audience tool will suggest interests.

Define Behaviors

In the Behaviors Section, you can reach people based on other interests like how they shop, what type of device that they use to check Facebook, and more.

Facebook Ad Targeting - define audience behaviors
Facebook Ad Targeting – define audience behaviors

Define Connections

With the Connections Section, you reach people who already like you page on Facebook, their friends or people who are currently connected to your business.

Facebook Ad Targeting - define audience connections
Facebook Ad Targeting – define audience connections

Advanced connection targeting can be very helpful when you want to reach a very specific audience and meet new customers.

Facebook Ad Targeting - define audience - advanced connections targeting options
Facebook Ad Targeting – define audience – advanced connections targeting options

Pulling it all Together by Way of Example

Let’s say that I want to get more people shopping in my small food market in San Francisco. When building my audience, I will select San Francisco, California for my Location targeting.

When you select a city, you can include an adjustment to include nearby areas within a certain radius such as users within 10, 25, 50 miles. For this example, we select to target users in locations within 10 miles of San Francisco. With only this targeting option set, our ad has the potential to reach a broad set of users of over 1 million.

Now for the demographics, we adjust the age to 18 and older. Notice targeting change increases relevancy while not having a tremendous impact on reach.

Next, in the interests section, we type “organic food.” We will notice by looking at the Audience Definition meter that our audience is getting much more well defined and targeted.

We can further refine our targeting options to edit the Behavior to include Mobile device users so that we show ads to Facebook users who are checking status while on the go and close to our food market.

Notice how our audience definition is getting very specific with a potential reach of just 36,000 people now. This level of targeting, if done with our ideal customer in mind, means that when people click on and engage with our ad, we are getting a tremendous amount of value for our media investment because we are only showing ads to users whose interests line up with our business.

Want Help with Setting Up Your First Facebook Ad Campaign?

If this seams a bit overwhelming, don’t let that hold you back. Contact us for a consultation to get you up and running with you first Facebook Advertising Campaign.

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