Creative Link Building Techniques

Creative link building techniques requires both a good deal of business and common sense. Building relationships, both online and offline is the key to success in acquiring high value links from authoritative websites of interest.

Creative Link Building Techniques Video by SEOMoz

This SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday presented by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, one of the most well-known and trusted names in the SEO industry provides some great online and offline techniques to acquire links from authoritative websites that may be hesitant at first to give a link without some motivation. If I had to sum it up, Quid-Pro-Quo is the way to go in applying creative link building techniques.

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The great thing about the creative link building techniques presented by Rand is the video below is that they have what I would refer to as great business sense, which is a lot like common sense, but in a business context. All of the techniques recognize the old adage that you have to give something to get something, the golden rule in my professional experience.

Rand’s creative link building techniques include:

  • Testimonial – value of named testimonial from a real person, name, title, real photo = bonus points!
  • Social Connection – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be powerful tools in support of this technique
  • In-Person Connection – Taking potential link source/business partner out to dinner and picking up the check
  • Missing Content – ID content of value from link source/business partner and offer to create it – make sure attribution applies

One last great creative link building technique is to provide an embed widget for any engagement objects such as audio, video that you produce as this is sort of like mass production of the Missing Content that results in many links back to your site, the source of the content. Thanks for SEOmoz for producing Whiteboard Fridays which are freely available with content that is easy to embed and share!


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