Increase Conversions and ROI through Smart Design

Increase Conversions and ROI through Smart Design
CRO tips to avoid losing sight of the forest for the trees!

In marketing, like in life, it’s easy to get caught up in certain aspects and lose sight of the forest for the trees. Conversions and ROI often get lost in the race to acquire traffic to your landing pages.

Conversions and ROI - CRO tips to get more out of your existing landing page and traffic acquisition investments.
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tips to leverage design and UX trends to increase conversions and ROI

For example, focusing solely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) for traffic acquisition at the expense CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) results in sub-par performance and poor ROI.

CRO, when done well, can have a dramatic impact on ROI. Increases to conversions can often be the low-hanging fruit for landing page results, squeezing more profits from existing traffic.

Increase Conversions and ROI Without Spending More On Traffic

Let’s say you are getting 2 conversions per 100 visitors, getting just 1 more conversion per 100 visitors can increase your ROI by 50%! Without CRO, one would need to spend 50% on traffic to achieve the same results.

Below are some CRO tips from the experts at Unbounce on how to exploit current design and user interface trends to get the most return on your traffic acquisition and landing page investments.

infographic on design and user interface trends and tips to boost conversion

Design and User Interface Trends that Can Be Used to Increase Conversion Rates/ROI

In summary, the 10 Design/UX trends that can be exploited to increase conversation rates and ROI:

  • Full Screen Photos are great for capturing user  attention. Photos of happy smiling people seem to work best for getting users to stop and notice. You know what they say: “ picture is worth a thousand words”
  • Split Screen Layouts  help increase conversions by giving the user the ability to quickly determine where they want to go.  This is the place where they’re most likely to convert.
  • Monochromatic Colors work great to help call attention to the user called action. Using buttons the contrast with the surrounding color scheme work best.
  • Prioritized Navigation drives  users towards call to actions and away from unproductive distractions that can negatively impact conversion rates.  Landing pages  with only called to action links work best. Buyers with too many choices are 10x less likely to buy.
  • Minimal Lead Capture is  the shining example of where more is less. conversion rates suffer as additional form fields are added. Marketers are best served to only require the minimum information they need.
  • Video is  becoming very popular especially on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Videos are great mechanism to build trust with users. Trust with users significantly enhances conversion rates
  • Sticky CTA (Call to Action) ensures  that a call to action is always visible on the screen and easily clickable by users. This is especially true on mobile phones where conversion rates can suffer when the call to action is hidden or difficult to click.
  • Card Designs have  become popular through the rise of visual systems like Pinterest. These familiar card designs can often simplify user experience and navigation while generating interest and engagement.
  • Single Column CTA can remove unproductive distractions that can be caused by sidebar content on a landing page. Once again, a simple design can increase conversion rates and avoid distracting users.
  • Personalize User’s Experience  has been shown to increase conversion rates due to creating highly relevant ads. These personalized ads grab and hold user’s attention while driving conversions.

Help Me Get More Conversions and ROI

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