Conversion Tracking for Facebook Ads

Conversion Tracking for Facebook Ads
Facebook Advertising - Conversion Tracking for ROI

Conversion tracking helps businesses measure the return on investment of their Facebook Ads by reporting on the actions people take after your ads are served.

Facebook Advertising - Conversion Tracking for ROI
Facebook Advertising – Conversion Tracking for ROI

Advertisers can create pixels that track conversions, add them to the pages of their website where the conversions will happen, and then track these conversions back to ads they are running on Facebook. ‪

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With conversion tracking, you can track specific conversions on your website so you can understand when visitors take specific actions like make a purchase, then optimize your Facebook Ads for better performance.

Here’s how it works. Say you want to run an ad on Facebook for a product in your online store, like a handbag (or homebrew kits 😉 ) before you run a Facebook Ad, Facebook will provide a small snippet of code called a conversion pixel that you or a developer can install on the html in your webpage you want people to go to.

Since you want to see when people buy your handbag, you will add the conversion pixel to the page that customer’s go to after making a purchase, such as an order confirmation or receipt page.

Next, you can create a Facebook advertisement and choose the audience that you want to reach based on age, location, gender and interests. When your ad runs, Facebook will show your ad to the audience you are trying to reach.

Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking installation
Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking installation

When a visitor clicks your ad on Facebook, they will go directly to the landing page that you want them to. If they make a purchase, they will land on the payment confirmed page, the same page that you installed the conversion pixel on.

That code will now tell Facebook how many people clicked on your ad and took action. In this example, completing a purchase. Perhaps the most exciting part is that when you select the optimize bid, Facebook learns how to show your ad to those users most likely to convert.

When you get your ads report from Facebook, you can see how many times your ad was served, clicked and how many people took an action. By using Facebook ad conversion tracking, you can measure just how effective your facebook ads are for getting people to your site so that you can continue to reach your goals and help your customers to take action.

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