Learn how to use AdWords Express to Grow Sales, ROI

You may have heard of AdWords, maybe Adwords Express. And even if you know what AdWords is, you may find yourself asking, What is AdWords Express? Getting started in online advertising can seem like quite the challenge. If you’re starting …

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Structured Snippets Scenario - Craving Chicken Wings

Structured snippets and chicken wings. Imagine this scenario, if you will: you’re driving through the middle of town on a saturday evening with some friends and someone announces, “I’m hungry!” You admit it has been several hours since that pretzel …

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Example - Expanded Text Ads vs. Standard Text Ads

Learn about expanded text ads in AdWords by watching this short explainer video from Google. In this video you will learn about a new type of text ad, the AdWords Expanded Text Ad.  It is important to note that Google …

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What is a match type?

Keyword match types define the relationship between a search and how that search query triggers advertisements. Understanding keyword match types and how they relate to search ads is critical to realizing desired results and ROI (Return On Investment). Using Keyword Match …

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Google Advanced Search Exam Prep

Google Partners Refresher Hangout Advanced Search The following Google Advanced Search Exam Prep session was recorded on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014. The  objective was to prepare participants to pass the Google Advance Search exam as on possible track to achieve Google …

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Paid Search for ROI What is PPC (Pay Per Click)? If you know the answer and have been using PPC/Paid Search to grow your business, then this post may be too introductory for your needs. Otherwise, read on and let …

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