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YouTube User Patterns Encourage New Ad Experiences

Reaching Smart TVs New Google Ads Feature

YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing website, has dramatically changed the way users interact with content. Never before has so much video content been so readily available to so many individuals at once. It is nothing short of a video

Reaching Smart TVs with New Google Ads Feature

Reaching Smart TVs New Google Ads Feature

In this day and age, dominated by mobile devices, stationary televisions are nonetheless making a major comeback. How, you may be wondering? So called “smart tv’s”, sets capable of connecting to the internet, offer users seemingly the best of both

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YouTube TrueView for Reach

In days of yore, access to communication was fairly limited. If you wanted to get the news of the day, you likely read it in a paper. These printed publications would come around, at most, once or twice a day,

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How YouTube is Transforming Video Advertising

YouTube Ad Format vs. Other Online Video Advertising Options

As all experienced digital marketers know, the world of video advertising is in a period of rapid change. Where once it was easy to hold people’s attention once you got it, the opposite now reigns. It is easy to catch

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