Creating A Facebook Slideshow Ad

Introducing Facebook slideshow Ads, a new and creative way to create engaging lightweight videos that tell your brand story. Facebook Slideshow Ads Introduction Video Facebook Slideshow Ads allow you to tap into the power video and mobile without the time …

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Facebook has redefined the way that advertisers can reach relevant audiences online. No other channel, online or off, even comes close to the targeting capabilities currently available within Facebook Advertising solutions. Google is the only other online advertising option that comes close in terms …

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The Ultimate Guide To Hashtags

We often get asked about hashtags, what they are, why are they used and how are they used. That’s what peeked our interest when we first saw the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags infographic developed by QuickSprout. Don’t dismay if you don’t know what …

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facebook newsfeed changes to surpress overly promotional posts

Facebook recently announced some Facebook newsfeed changes based on extensive, solicited user feedback. These changes will be rolled out in January of 2015. See official Facebook announcement here. Here to break it all down for us is Mari Smith, my …

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