How YouTube is Transforming Video Advertising

YouTube Ad Format vs. Other Online Video Advertising Options

As all experienced digital marketers know, the world of video advertising is in a period of rapid change. Where once it was easy to hold people’s attention once you got it, the opposite now reigns. It is easy to catch

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ABCs of AdWords – Learning The Language

Learning to Speak the Language of AdWords

Whether you’re new to AdWords or are considering becoming an AdWords advertiser, the ABCs of AdWords will help your put it all together. ABCs of AdWords – A Working Definition Like pretty much anything else, internet advertising has a language all its

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ads

3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ad Campaigns on Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network, or GDN, reaches 90% of Internet users across the globe. It is the largest display ad network in the world and comprised of over  2 million websites. Learn 3 ways to optimize your display ads and earn better

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How Google Ranks Ads

Google AdWords auction insights

Ever wonder how Google ranks ads in its realtime ad Auction? What about why your ad is showing in a low position or not showing at all? Ad Diagnostics and Preview Tool – See how Google Ranks Ads relative to competition In

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Reach More Customers with Gmail Ads

See How Gmail Ads Work

Engage Customers Directly with Gmail Ads In Their Inbox Ever had the nagging feeling that you just need to check your email? Who knows what sorts of important, or not so important, things could be waiting for you in your

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Reach More Customers With AdWords

Learn How to Reach More Customers with Google AdWords

The ultimate purpose of advertising, arguably, is to help your product or service perform better in the marketplace through raising awareness and effective persuasion. Learn how to reach more customers with AdWords, Increasingly in today’s world, if you want to

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What is AdWords Express?

What is AdWords Express? Learn how to use AdWords Express to Grow Sales, ROI

You may have heard of AdWords, maybe Adwords Express. And even if you know what AdWords is, you may find yourself asking, What is AdWords Express? Getting started in online advertising can seem like quite the challenge. If you’re starting

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Data-Driven Attribution for Google Search

Data Driven Attribution-for Google Search - When It Pays To Know Which Ads To Credit

The following is one of my favorite Harry S. Truman quotes, and for some, words to live by. However, in search advertising, when it comes to maximizing ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), knowing which ads to credit for conversions is

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Advertiser Success Stories – Building Businesses Using AdWords

All businesses know that advertising is essential for anyone looking to grow their business. Reaching potential customers with the right message at the right time is what Google AdWords is all about. But don’t just take our word for it!

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