Mobile Advertising Best Practices – Learn, Apply, ROI

Mobile Advertisers Target User's Needs

A Familiar Scenario We’ve all been there. You’re running late to work and just need to know the closest, fastest place to grab coffee before you punch in. With so little time at your disposal, it’s unlikely that you’ll reach

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Universal App Campaigns Replace Google App Install Ads

Google App Install Ads Replaced by Universal App Campaigns

Have you heard  that Google App Install Ads  are being retired and will be replaced by Universal App Campaigns? Learn why Google is taking this important step and how advertisers can benefit. Mobile Apps Dominate Audience Attention Mobile apps and

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Optimizing Dynamic Search Ads for Google AdWords

Optimizing Dynamic Search Ads for Google AdWords

Dynamic Search Drive Sales and ROI Managing your campaigns in AdWords can sometimes be a daunting task. There are a myriad of factors you must closely monitor and control if you want your campaign to be successful. Keyword lists especially

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Understanding and Using Quality Score

Often it seems, advertising is a business obsessed with quantity. How many people saw my ad? What is the click-through rate for your new campaign? Is your ROI what you want it to be? All of these are undoubtedly important.

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Maximize Conversions – A New Bidding Strategy for AdWords

Maximize Conversions - a New Bidding Strategy in AdWords

Maximize Conversions is a new AdWords automated bidding strategy using machine learning to automatically adjust bids for more conversions. The bid adjustments show your search ads to those most likely to convert while staying within your daily budget. Smart optimization made

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Selecting the Right Type of Campaign in AdWords

Selecting the Right Campaign Type in AdWords

Selecting the right type of campaign in AdWords is important as each campaign type is designed to satisfy different marketing objectives. When setting out  to complete any task, you must understand the tools available . You can’t pound in a nail

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Plan Your Campaign with AdWords

Founding father, inventor and all around renaissance man Benjamin Franklin once remarked, “By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” To get the most out of your Google AdWords investment, it’s important to learn how to plan your campaign with

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Defining Your Audience with AdWords

Defining Your Audience with AdWords

As all business owners know, it is imperative when trying to sell your product that you have a clear picture of just who you’re trying to sell it to. For search advertising, it starts with defining your audience in AdWords.

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How To Optimize AdWords ROI

Learn how to optimize AdWords ROI

Super successful search advertisers have mastered how to optimize AdWords ROI. Actively managing your search advertising campaigns can be the difference between profits or none. In search advertising, success is measured primarily by ROI. Search advertising is a process not a

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How YouTube is Transforming Video Advertising

YouTube Ad Format vs. Other Online Video Advertising Options

As all experienced digital marketers know, the world of video advertising is in a period of rapid change. Where once it was easy to hold people’s attention once you got it, the opposite now reigns. It is easy to catch

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