B2B Sales Benchmarks

B2B Sales Benchmarks
Best and Worst Performing Channels for B2B Sales

Have you ever wondered which channels are the best and worst from a Business to Business (B2B) sales perspective?  Wouldn’t B2B Sales Benchmarks by channel helpful?

Best and Worst Performing Channels for B2B Sales
Best and Worst Performing Marketing Channels for B2B Sales

If we take the time to track sales and can attribute each to a marketing channel (or more likely channels), we can often answer this question on our own.

This question comes up often when creating marketing plans and making budget decisions, a popular activity in the beginning of the year.

For a variety of reasons, historical sales data may not be available for all channels. For instance, when considering investing in a new marketing channel, paid search for example, it is often times beneficial to have B2B sales benchmarks to compare expected results of the new channel with prior results of existing channels.

Below is B2B Sales Benchmarks infographic from Implisit (www.implisit.com) which will arm marketers with precisely this kind of information.

B2B Sales Benchmarks


We hope that you have found the B2B Sales Benchmarks infographic helpful to inform your marketing strategy. It’s important to note that not all marketing investments are about sales and conversions. Think of brand advertising versus direct response.

If direct response is your primary marketing focus and responsibility, then understanding which channels are delivering conversions and adjusting budgets to optimize towards the best performing channels will have a dramatic impact on your sales and marketing ROI.

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