Apples Steve Jobs Dies at age 56


Apples-Steve Jobs Dies at age 56

Today Apples Steve Jobs Dies at age 56 from pancreatic cancer. The loss of Steve Jobs is almost immeasurable. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a world without Macs, iPods, iTunes, iPhones and more recently, the hugely popular iPad. Its hard to think of anyone else how could have transformed the music and movie industries the way Steve Jobs did. There are few who could transform the world for some many in such a short time. As one friend posted on her facebook status from her iPhone, “major distirbance in the force” or the more concise status update from another friend “iSad.” RIP Steve Jobs, the man with the gift of knowing what people wanted and creating it before anyone ever knew about something that once they had, they felt as though they could not live wihtout.

Visionary, Innovator, Tranforming of the Way Millions Live: Reflections

After the announcement that he was resigning his CEO post and handing the job over to Tim Cook in August, Ray Suarez examined Jobs’ lasting impact on innovation and what comes next for Apple and the tech world with Walter Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal and Charles Golvin of Forrester Research.

As a tribute to Steve Job’s many accomplishments in his short 56 years here on earth, the video below has been provided for those who wish to reflect on the genuis that was Steve Jobs.

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

Steve Jobs transformed electronics, music & movie industries, enhancing the way we live. Today, the world lost one of its most prolific visionaries. RIP Steve Jobs. The world will miss you for a long time. Our hearts go out to your beloved family who no doubt has expeirenced the biggest loss.


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