Advertiser Success Stories – Building Businesses Using AdWords

Advertiser Success Stories – Building Businesses Using AdWords
Advertiser Success Stories - Growing A Business with AdWords

All businesses know that advertising is essential for anyone looking to grow their business. Reaching potential customers with the right message at the right time is what Google AdWords is all about.

Advertiser Success Stories – Growing A Business with AdWords

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from successful business owners on the role that advertising, and in particular, Adwords was in growing the business.

Hear business owners explain what they like about AdWords and what search advertising using the AdWords platform has done to transform their business growth.

Now here are their success stories:

Michael Johnson Performance – Health and Fitness

Four-time gold medalist and world record holder Michael Johnson applies the same passion and determination from his running days into running his business. See why Michael Johnson Performance ( trusts AdWords to reach the next generation of athletes looking to make their mark.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done is starting this business and growing it”

“2/3 of our customers will find us on mobile”

“What AdWords does is allow us to know exactly who we are reaching”

“We are not paying for people who aren’t potential customers, but we are paying for people who are actually interested in what we do and that is extremely valuable to us.”

Manitobah Mukluks – Specialty Clothing Manufacturer

Manitobah Mukluks ( is an Aboriginal-owned and proudly Canadian business dedicated to preserving and celebrating the thousands year old tradition of mukluk making, Aboriginal-inspired footwear and much, much more. See how AdWords has become a trusted partner in their growth as a business and as a force for change in Aboriginal communities.

“The biggest challenge is telling our story to more and more people. Most consumers don’t know what a mukluks is they’ve never heard of a mukluks so we had to find a way to get in front of people who are looking for warm winter boots or authentic boots or comfortable slippers”

“We sought out google adwords so that we could find those consumers and they could find us”

“It [AdWords] democratizes commerce, it allows us the same level of exposure as billion-dollar competitors”

“We’ve gone from that first year of selling in two thousand pairs to about two hundred thousand pairs this year.”

Ecela – Language and Culture School

How do you reach customers thousands of miles away, even when your business is local? See how ECELA (, a community of Spanish language schools, uses AdWords to welcome students from across the globe to learn Spanish and to immerse them within the richness of cultures across South America.

“Close to half of our students find us on AdWords”

“Growth has been tremendous. More more than we could have done without AdWords”

Discover Hawaii Tours – Travel and Tourism

A love of sharing the Aloha spirit with guests is what drives the people behind Discover Hawaii Tours ( Hear their story and see how AdWords brings the heart of Hawaii to travelers near and far.

“We had to reach out in a different way, something that we’d never done before. That’s when we starting setting up campaigns on AdWords.”

“I think AdWords really saved our company.”

Zyrobotics – Mobile Accessibility App

Zyrobotics ( has a mission to make the world a more accessible place for all children, especially those with motor skill challenges and other accessibility needs. Get inspired and discover how AdWords enables Zyrobotics to get their mobile apps in front of families so kids of all ages, all abilities learn while having fun.

“The biggest challenge for our business is just getting it out there and letting people know that we exist.”

“Before AdWords, I thought it was just about search. I found out it was so much more.”

“Being able to offer our videos as ads is an amazing opportunity.”

Tree House Brothers – Specialty Builders

Two brothers, three generations of carpentry, and the spirit to innovate – that’s the story of the Tree House Brothers ( Discover how James and Ryan McCarthy use AdWords to take their business to new heights.

“Within one of being on AdWords, we started getting our first calls. It really just snowballed from their.”

“It’s [AdWords] our only form of advertising. It’s all about the web. It’s all about getting out there. If not, you are left behind.”

Farm Fresh To You – Specialty Food

From farm to table, a mother’s vision to a growing home-delivery business, Farm Fresh To You ( shares a family commitment to sustainable agriculture with the rest of their community. See how AdWords is an engine of growth for their passion and business.

“We’re taking the business to the next level. Technology has allowed us to to have information out there.”

“We started using Google AdWords a few years ago. It caught my attention… wow! Our company has grown hundred fold.”

Zingerman’s – Specialty Retail

From small deli to national mail order business, Zingerman’s ( shows how AdWords brings a local flavor into homes across the country. Even as they grow, see why community remains at the heart of what they do.

“When you have a plan and a vision to never leave your town — how you become a national company, the way that happens is through the internet.”

“I can’t imagine doing any business and being successful without Google AdWords.”

Aspire 2 Dance – Performing Arts Studio

Aspire 2 Dance (, a dance school in Brooklyn, NY, began with 8 students and now has 60 students in its program. In this video, owner Deborah Cook shares how using AdWords has helped put her studio on the map.

“What I like about AdWords is I’m setting the limits. It’s something I can afford to do.”

“AdWords gives you a location… people have been finding me. That’s instrumental to my business.” – Personalized Pet Care

What began as a love for dogs, has grown into – the largest on-demand network of pet sitters and dog walkers. See how uses AdWords to reach customers across multiple devices – phones, tablets, and beyond – to get pets the love and care they need even when their owners are away on vacation.

“AdWords allows us to find people who have a need and that are the right match for our offering.”

“It’s super important that we’re targeted and we find that group that has the exact problem we’re designed to solve.”

Skydive Africa – Specialty Travel and Tourism

Discover how three friends with a passion for skydiving have used AdWords to grow their business ( and the tourism industry in South Africa.

“We used AdWords to generate traffic and all of the sudden it started coming in. We soon realized that we were generating enough traffic through our website to be able to offer other activities and tours.”

“We reached our goals pretty quickly.”

Baby Group South Africa – Specialty Ecommerce

Discover how a South African based company, Baby Group (, has leveraged the online market place and AdWords to grow their business and the baby goods market in South Africa.

“From the beginning one of the big things we had to focus on was getting into people’s’ minds. AdWords was a big part of that.”

“Really helps us to maximize efficiency and deliver the products our customers want.”

Make Your Business The Next Advertiser Success Story!

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have used AdWords to grow their business.  Don’t let your business get left behind.

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