Adding a twitter Follow Button to Your Website in 3 mins

Adding a twitter follow button to your website is both easy and valuable. With 100M+ twitter users, frequenting the site on average 16 or more times per month and staying an average of 12 minutes and 41 seconds per visit, can your business afford not to have a twitter button on it’s website?

adding a twitter follow button to your website

Why Care About Adding a twitter Button to Your Website?

Twitter recently passed their one hundred million user milestone and while many skeptics may scoff at this number while questioning how many of those are active users. To those skeptics, I say consider this:

According to a recent Experian 2011 Social Media Consumer Trend and Benchmark Report [Source: Experian Simmons, August 15, 2011] report released to the public, Twitter users, on average, now make 16 or more monthly visits to, up from just 21% who made that many monthly visits last year.

twitter Users Frequent 16 Times a Month Averaging Nearly 13 Minutes per Visit

In addition, the Experian report found that twitter users spent an average of 12 minutes and 41 seconds during a typical visit to One question to ask yourself is whether or not they are interacting with you brand while they are on twitter or just your competitors.

Chances are, if you have a twitter account and are not promoting it with a twitter follow button on your website and blog, you are missing an opportunity. The Experian study excludes mobile data, which means an argument could be made that if you add in mobile twitter usage, the data would skew the numbers significantly higher as many twitter users access their accounts as much on the go with their smartphone as they do form their non-mobile devices. I know I do. If you are reading this, then you probably do too.

The good news is that adding a twitter button to your website or blog can be done in minutes, if you are technical or have technical resources. If not, don’t despair as a website development provider can typically add a twitter button to your website for $100 or less. Check out the eBiz ROI video below to see how easy it is to add a twitter button to your website in 3 minutes or less, literally.

For more information from twitter and to get the code to add a twitter button to your website, see

Please contact eBiz ROI if we can be of service in adding a twitter button to your website. As always, your comments and inquiries are always welcome. If you like this article, why hit the tweet button on the top of this post or click the facebook like button to share the knowledge with those you know who could benefit.


Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY.

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