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About eBiz ROI – Internet Marketing Experts

Rick Noel, CEO & Founder of eBiz ROI
Rick Noel, CEO & Founder of eBiz ROI, Internet marketing expert

Rick Noel, Internet marketing expert, founded eBiz ROI in 2009 to help businesses get found online, grow their sales and maximize marketing ROI. Located in Ballston Lake, NY, eBiz ROI was founded on the belief that the Internet has created opportunities for businesses to increase marketing ROI (Return On Investment).

A fundamental shift in consumer buying behavior, including use of the Internet in almost every aspect of the purchase experience, has given rise to these opportunities to grow sales through online channels while increasing marketing ROI. This buying behavior shift is amplified for large ticket items like real estate, automobiles and college educations, where millions of consumers routinely surf the net to get more information, comparison shop and in some cases, complete the transaction.

Savvy companies have been investing in Internet marketing solutions for years, capturing profitable Internet business from their competition, while increasing marketing ROI. Like it or not, the Internet has changed the way products and services are promoted, sold, delivered and even evaluated. The Internet, and Social Media in particular, has facilitated the broad, and near immediate, sharing of buying experience.

Founded in August of 2009, eBiz ROI staff have been using the Internet to drive profitable business and increase marketing ROI for industry leaders since the mid 90s. We have honed our website design, traffic generation and conversion optimization skills while employed at General Electric, Bellcore,Telcordia Technologies and Burst Media.

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