3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ads

3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ads
3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ad Campaigns on Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network, or GDN, reaches 90% of Internet users across the globe. It is the largest display ad network in the world and comprised of over  2 million websites. Learn 3 ways to optimize your display ads and earn better returns on your GDN campaigns.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ad Campaigns on Google Display Network (GDN)
3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ad Campaigns on Google Display Network (GDN)

Why Display Advertising Matters

Creating and managing ads in an AdWords campaign involves much more than simply text ads following search results. A wise marketer understands that it is prudent to not only reach out to potential customers when they are actively searching for your product or service, but also when they aren’t. This raises awareness of your business and can influence them to purchase from you when they want or need what it is you have to offer.

The best way to reach potential customers when they aren’t actively searching for your product or service is to utilize and take advantage of the massive Google Display Network, or GDN. GDN is made up of each website that can display Google AdWords ads and allows you to reach a massive audience on all sorts of different domains and interest levels.

Best 3 Ways to Optimize Your Display Ads for ROI

To optimize your display ads for ROI, adopt these three strategies:

  • Target the right audience
  • Leverage automation
  • Create the right ad

Target the Right Audience

Target the “Right” Audience to Optimize Your Display Ads

As you likely already know, one of the most important decisions you’ll make when marketing your product is who exactly you’re marketing to. Which groups of people are mostly likely to produce value for your business? Perhaps you’re having a hard time figuring this out. Here are some tips on how to precisely target your audience:

To maximize your ROI, you’ll want to take advantage of remarketing strategies. On average, only about 4% of traffic to your website will immediately result in a conversion for your business. The other 96% who visited however, are your prime audience, as they are very likely to convert in the future, given that they have already shown interest in your website. By focusing your ads on these people, you can increase sales dramatically and add tons of value to your business.

But what if you want to reach new customers? Not to worry, Google Display Network has lots of tools to help you accomplish this as well. In fact, this concern leads us to our second strategy.

Leverage Automation

Leverage Automation to Optimize Your Display Ads
Leverage Automation to Optimize Your Display Ads

In many respects, in can be nerve racking to be asked to relinquish control of your marketing campaigns. After all, the freedom and control offered by internet advertising is one of its most appealing features. Maybe it’s even what got you interested in AdWords in the first place! Before you toss this strategy aside however, consider the following:

Google’s automation systems are already helping you run your campaigns and in a lot of ways, responsible for running parts of them as well. For example, you may already have your campaign’s bidding strategy be decided by these systems. Enhanced CPC allows Google to adjust your bids as necessary to increase the likelihood of relevant traffic and clicks, pretty sweet.

The next step of making Google’s automation work more for you is to enable automated targeting. If you’re interested in increasing your audience beyond people who have already showed interest in your business by visiting your website, automated targeting can help you do that. Essentially, this option allows Google’s systems to analyze the usage of your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and make it work as hard and efficiently as possible for you. It’s exactly like the bidding system. The primary benefits to doing this are that it increases your media efficiency and decreases time spent on campaign management on your part. Certainly at least worth taking a look at.

Create the Right Ad

Create the Right Ad to Optimize Your Display Campaigns
Create the Right Ad to Optimize Your Display Campaigns

A new form of ad offered by Google for use in your AdWords campaigns is the “responsive ad”. The responsive ads are especially helpful for generating more conversions for a lower overall cost. Essentially, you create a single ad using a short headline, long headline, an image, and a smaller logo. Google will then take this ad and display it all across the GDN and all device types including in app ads. This enables you to reach even larger, more diverse audiences without having to create any additional ads or ad types.

This versatility and pragmatism is not to be missed. Take advantage of these new ads and leverage them to optimize your marketing strategy. In addition, using Google Smart Display Campaigns can put the power of AdWords machine learning capabilities to work for your campaigns.

Using these simple strategies to your advantage, you’ll be able to grow your business in new and exciting ways. Optimize your GDN and watch the results roll in!

Want Help Improving Your Display Ads ROI?

Are you unhappy with hour your current display ads are performing? We can help you optimize your Google Display Ads with a focus on ROI.

Fill out the short form to be contacted by an eBiz ROI Display Advertising Specialist or Call: +1 (518) 557-3502. Email: Sales@eBizROI.com.



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