Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services in a Web 2.0 World

Have you heard of Facebook or Twitter? What about YouTube, LinkedIn or Myspace? It’s hard to turn on the TV, listen to the radio or read the paper without discovering references to these Social Media giants, some who did not even exist before 2004.

Social media has become integrated many aspects of our everyday lives. We use it to update friends and coworkers with personal and business status. We also use it to discuss our product or service experiences. We even use it to check out prospective employees and business partners.

For example we encounter a video online or on our mobile phone, we now have the capability to instantly share that with our personal and professional networks with the click of a button. With more and more mobile devices now integrated with the larger social networks, it is now possible for people to send and receive status updates about anything, from anywhere, at anytime.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important to My Business?

Social media thrives from the sharing of photos, videos and other user generated content. Some say so what? Why should I care? Three reasons really:

  • Social media is become a key component in the media consumption of your customers and is expanding more rapidly than any other medium in history.
  • Many of your competitors are using social media to grow their market share at your expense.
  • According to the July 2009 Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Many companies don’t know why exactly they require a social media strategy, yet they understand that it is critical to their overall profitable growth, both offline and online. eBiz ROI has experience with some of the largest social networks. Contact eBiz ROI to discuss how, together, we can formulate an optimal social media strategy for your business.

eBiz ROI deep experience with using Social Media. Contact us today to discuss ways we can support profitably growing your Internet business.