Display Advertising

Display Advertising Services Overview

Display advertising is something that most if not all Internet users are familiar with. There are a variety of shapes and sizes used in display advertising as well as some industry standards which managed by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau). You may have even clicked on a display ad that enticed with lower mortgage payments, higher interest rates on savings, a valuable degree online or a coupon for a new product from one of your most trusted brands.

Display Advertising the Key to Profitable Growth Beyond Search

Display advertising services are the key to profitable growth once search engine marketing has maxed out. Opportunities for promotion through search are, their very nature, finite. In other words, at a point in time, a finite number of searches for a given keyword or phrase exist. Therefore there is a finite number of opportunities to drive qualified traffic using of natural and paid search.

A key benefit is display advertising can be summarized by the well known expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true for visually responsive goods and services. A great example is pizza where thousands and thousands of pizzas are ordered each day as a result of a user clicking on a pizza display advertisement, many of whom were not searching for pizza at the time of purchase. This speaks to another well known expression which is “the power of suggestion.”

Display Advertising Pricing Models

Display advertising is purchased using a number of different pricing models. The original display advertising pricing models CPM or cost per one thousand impressions. This model emerged in the mid 1990s at the birth of the Internet Advertising industry.

As the available supply of available display advertising impressions grew through the rapid creation of website, therefore content, buyers began to demand payment models that were pay for performance. This gave rise to the cost per click model where advertisers only paid for clicks on the display advertisements resulting in a fixed cost for traffic generated. This model is known as CPC or cost per click. CPC is analogous to PPC in search.

As the supply of clicks grew with the Internet’s continued exponential growth, advertisers began to demand new performance pricing models enabling them to pay sales or lead conversions, regardless of the number of impressions or clicks it took to deliver these conversions.

This model is known as CPA or Cost per acquisition. It is important to note that much of display advertising is available on a CPC or CPA basis and that some of the highest sought after impressions are available only on a CPM basis.

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