eBiz ROI Earns Google AdWords Partner Badge

For Immediate Release 13 October 2017 eBiz ROI, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has earned its Google AdWords Partner Badge, the official seal of approval from Google. Only agencies that demonstrate a high-level of proficiency using the Google AdWords advertising

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Upgrade Your Call Only Campaigns with Ad Extensions

Though digital advertising is usually centered around driving traffic to your website, there are other ways of connecting with potential customers. When people want dedicated service or a specific question answered, they pick up their phone to talk to a

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Google Shopping Holiday Season Preparations

Learn how to prepare and manage your campaigns to make the most of  Google Shopping during the retail holiday shopping season. To jumpstart your efforts, check out this video by the Google Shopping Team on top holiday trends informing you

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Pay For Performance With Call Only Campaigns

Call only campaigns allow advertisers to pay for performance, specifically only when their ad results in a phone call. For a good salesperson, a phone call is all you need to seal the deal. Does your current advertising support that?

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Digital Advertiser’s Guide to Halloween

Trick or treat! Welcome to the digital advertiser’s guide to halloween. To quote the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” It’s Halloween season once again, and as you may or may not

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How AdWords Can Help Local Businesses

How AdWords can help local businesses is not always obvious, especially if for those new to digital advertising. Often it can seem that the big fish always eat the little fish, such is the case with traditional media such as broadcast

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Choosing the Right Keywords in AdWords

Why is choosing the right keywords so important? The ultimate symbol of unleashing possibilities is the key. Keys are the nearly magical devices used by heroes in stories to unlock doors, chests full of gold and all sorts of other

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Google AdWords Updates Terms and Conditions

If you run Google AdWords, then you should have received the follow notice from Google: “Terms and Conditions changes – Action required: To continue using Google AdWords, you’ll need to review and accept your updated Terms and Conditions.“ No need to

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Stick the Landing: Google Shines a Focus on Landing Pages

Have you ever been disappointed at the end of a long journey? Perhaps you went out to see a movie and came away feeling that by the third act, the suspense had fizzled out. Maybe you spent an entire year

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Mobile Advertising Best Practices – Learn, Apply, ROI

Mobile Advertisers Target User's Needs

A Familiar Scenario We’ve all been there. You’re running late to work and just need to know the closest, fastest place to grab coffee before you punch in. With so little time at your disposal, it’s unlikely that you’ll reach

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