How Customers Search

how customers search

How We Shop for Products and Services Has Evolved Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably noticed that the way that people search for products and services today is vastly different than it was even just a few short

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Social Media Benchmarks on Interactions vs Posts by Industry

Social Media Benchmarks by Industry

Social media benchmarks are so important to help marketers understand “directionally” how our  efforts compare to others in our industry who are using social media to build awareness while driving sales. Maybe some of you subscribe to the MarketingSherpa Chart

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How Social Selling Influences Businesses

Social Selling

Social Selling – Time to Get Down To Business The following Social Selling in 2015 infographic from Sales for Life is full of eye-opening statistic highlighting that social selling is no longer limited to buzzword-bingo or techno-scrabble. The statistics it contains clearly

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Facebook page benchmarks

Facebook page benchmarks

How Does Your Facebook Page Stack Up? How does your Facebook business page stack up relative to other Facebook pages of similar size? Is your page performing above or below average? To answer these questions, it’s necessary to review some

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Creating Visually Appealing Content


Why is Visually Appealing Content So Important? The following infographic from the QuickSprout demonstrates why visual content is so important. It includes some telling statistics on just how big visual content has become and how it’s changing the way that we

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Hashtags for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+

The Ultimate Guide To Hashtags

We often get asked about hashtags, what they are, why are they used and how are they used. That’s what peeked our interest when we first saw the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags infographic developed by QuickSprout. Don’t dismay if you don’t know what

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Small Business B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks

B2B Small Business Content Marketing-Benchmarks

If you are a B2B Marketer for a Small Business, using Content Marketing to promote your product/service/brand, then you will want to check out the following 2015 benchmarks, budgets, and trends study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, sponsored by the

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The History of Search

The History of Search -Yahoo Circa 1996

The history of search is an interesting one both for marketers and Internet users in general. The need for search engines became immediately apparent as soon as the Internet became mainstream back in the mid 1990’s. At the risk of

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LinkedIn 101 Webinar

LinkedIn 101 Webinar - Answering the Question, What is LinkedIn?

If you are willing to invest the next 60 minutes to learn how to get the most of your LinkedIn profile then you have come to the right place! This LinkedIn 101- webinar is hosted by Jenae Kaska, Senior Community Specialist

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B2B Sales Benchmarks

Best and Worst Performing Channels for B2B Sales

Have you ever wondered which channels are the best and worst from a Business to Business (B2B) sales perspective?  Wouldn’t B2B Sales Benchmarks by channel helpful? If we take the time to track sales and can attribute each to a

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