Month: March 2014

Establishing E-commerce Trust – From Discovery through Purchase

Establishing E-commerce Trust

Online shoppers require trust in e-commerce sites before buying from them, especially if site is a new store or one they have not heard of before. Think about your own online shopping experiences and how you are influenced by various

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Google Guest Blogging Penalty

Google guest blogging penalty

Impacts that Result in SEO Industry Outcry Recently (19 Mar 2014) Google penalized publishers and bloggers who were actively guest blogging on what Google deemed as spammy blog networks. Here is the tweet heard round the blogging SEO world. Notice

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Mobile Search Moments

Understanding Mobile Search

This post and the data it contains is based on a study commissioned as a Google and Nielsen joint project entitled: Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments of Q4 2012. The goal of this joint study was primarily to better understand mobile

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Larry Page Interview with Charlie Rose

Larry Page interview with Charlie Rose

Where’s Google going next? Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. Larry’s vision for Google includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons. Then the conversation gets even more interesting, as Page talks

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Digital Marketing ROI

Digital Media ROI - Tablet with Internet Marketing Community on it

Digital Marketing and the Rising Interest in ROI [Infographic] Virtually every business is investing in digital marketing to grow sales with an eye on the bottom line. Interest in Digital Marketing over time A quick look into the Google Trends

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The Imperfect Storm

Mar 12th 2014 Ice Before the Snow Storm

We Know The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, But Really?!? Marketing is about three principles: Know your audience, Deliver your message through stories, Ensure that you tell stories that are in your audiences context. The audience for this story is anyone

Social Media for SMBs

Social Media for SMBs Growth

While Small Business are the Engine Driving Economic Growth, Social Media for SMBs is the Fuel Few would argue that small businesses drive the economy. Small businesses are also the primary job creators. In fact, 6 of 10 jobs created

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