Month: August 2013

Facebook Promotion Guideline Changes

Facebook likes are earned media not owned media

Facebook Contests Without Apps Now Allowed Running Facebook contents from your fanpage has always taken some wrangling, in part due to the restrictions in the Facebook Promotional Guidelines requiring all contests be created and administered within a Facebook app (application). This

Google Keyword Tool Retires

Google Keyword Tools Retires - 26 Aug 2013

Google Keyword Tool End of Life Marks the End of an Era in Free Keyword Research Today is the sad day on which the Google Keyword Tool officially retired. For many Internet marketers, the Google Keyword Tool retirement is as

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How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Measuring Return on Content Marketing Investments The Content Marketing Goldrush has marketers far and wide investing in content marketing to grow their sales and ROI (Return On Investment). At the same time, others are wondering how to measure content marketing

Best Free Html Editor for Windows

How I Found the Best Free HTML Editor for Windows & Where You Can Download Your Copy Today! My personal quest for the best free html editor for windows began when a number of clients with in-house coding and design

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Social Media for Listening, Learning, Adapting

Listen, Learn and Adapt with Social Media If you have been in digital marketing for a while, you know how valuable social media is. In fact, some might say that social media and all that it encompasses is a marketer’s

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Facebook Name Change, Definitely Change the Default Facebook Page Name

Excellent, now you have a created a Facebook page to promote your local business, company, organization, event, product, service or whatever the case may be. Now you want to tell others you know about your Facebook page because we all

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Digital Sharecropping is Costly

Sharecropper in Alabama, a plow girl. Near Eutaw, Alabama

Are You  Digital Sharecropping? What’s digital sharecropping anyway? To define digital sharecropping, let’s start with defining sharecropping. According to Wikipedia, “Sharecropping is a system of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of

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Why Google+? Why Now?

Why Google+ Should be Part of your Local Online Marketing Strategy, today! When it comes to Internet marketing for small businesses, Facebook often is the most obvious choice, especially for consumer oriented-businesses.  Virtually everyone 13 years or older has a

Google PageSpeed Service for WordPress

Page Speed Matters for User Experience and Google Search Results, Now More Than Ever Here is a short tale on how we stumbled up Google PageSpeed Service for WordPress. On Aug 1st of 2013,  WordPress 3.6  was released to the world and