Month: January 2013

Search and Deploy – B2B Online Marketing Trends in 2012

B2B marketing is different than B2C marketing, both in terms of online marketing and offline. Studies that segment out digital B2B marketing  data are especially relevant when trying to benchmark online marketing efforts as a B2B business.   This is

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Facebook Vs. Google: Online Display Ad Network Bake-off

Google vs. Facebook Display Ad Bake-off   With all the buzz of late resulting from the Facebook graph search announcement along with the continued dominance of Google in the online advertising industry, more and more marketers are evaluating display advertising opportunities

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Top Five Domain Name Selection Criteria

How to Select a Domain Name Knowing how to select a domain name for a business website is super important as the domain name is central to a company’s online identity. There are a number of criteria that can be

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Stodgy Email Marketing Stomps Social for B2B Priorities, ROI

Figure 1 – The Overland Pony Express to Represent Email Marketing Even as marketers debate the efficacy of social-media marketing on Facebook and Twitter, they have no doubts about the power of a tried and true tactic to drive sales,

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Paid Search PPC 101 Overview

Paid Search for ROI What is PPC (Pay Per Click)? If you know the answer and have been using PPC/Paid Search to grow your business, then this post may be too introductory for your needs. Otherwise, read on and let

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Google Search Algorithm Updates

The One Constant in Search is Change Those of us within the Internet marketing and more precisely, the SEO community, have seen many significant Google updates implemented for its search algorithm, particularly in 2012. These algorithm changes affected many websites

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