Year: 2013

Google Announces Expanded Crawl Errors feature in Webmaster Tools

Search Egines Used on Smartphones

Googlebot Gets Smarter with Expanded Crawl Errors Feature Today on the Google Official Google Webmaster Central Blog the availability of the Expanded Crawl Errors feature in Webmaster Tools to help webmasters identify pages on websites that show errors that only occurred when

Happy Thanksgiving

The First Instagram - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks is one of the two most important words in the English Language, with Please being the other. Today we give thanks for all the things that we might otherwise take for granted. To celebrate and hopefully generate a few

Real Estate Marketing Online

Real Estate Marketing Online Connects Brokers and Agents with Buyers and Sellers

Internet Marketing for Real Estate Professionals Talk to real estate agents and brokers and you will find out quickly that by far and away the top source of leads for both buyers and sellers are referrals and repeat business. These

Parents Beware Facebook Privacy Changes

Facebook Privacy - teens beware

Teens Facebook Privacy Protections Weakened If you are a parent of a teen who uses Facebook, then some recent changes in privacy are worth paying attention to. The first change was announced back in Oct 2013. See: Teens Now Start

How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Creating an Online Marketing Strategy with Holistic SEO This post will describe applying a holistic approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while answering the question of how to create an online marketing strategy. SEO is the highest ROI online marketing

The Future of Search

The future of Search according to Danny Sullivan and Eric Enge

Internet search has profoundly impacted the way we seek and consume information. Search provides answers  with just enough information, just in time, when and wherever we need it. Search has evolved in extraordinary ways over the last 15 years. The

Google+ Custom URL

Google+ icon

Claim your Branded, Google+ Custom URL Last week, on October 29th, Google announced the availability of Google+ Custom URLs for Google+ Profiles and Business Pages. A Google+ custom URL for your business page provides users a short, easy-to-remember web address

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Avoid

The Twitter Hump and Dump

9 Digital Marketing Strategies to Avoid at All Costs If you are active online, you have no doubt encountered many of these annoying digital marketing strategies that you wished online marketers would have avoided. It amazes me that individuals and

How to List Facebook Page Fans

Facebook Graph Search Results for people who like eBiz ROI Inc

2 Ways to Determine Who Likes Your Facebook Page How to List Facebook Page Fans Today we’re going to answer a common question asked by many clients which is  “how to list Facebook page fans?” Here are some discussions on

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Global Online Ad Revenue Steals Share from Print and Radio

Ad Revenue Market Share by Media 2007-2013

The global online ad revenue has shifted dramatically over the last several years, while one company, Google, continues to dominate the market. As you can see from the graphic below, Google has a 6x revenue advantage over Facebook, ranked 2nd

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